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Green Light on Production of New Spitfire

Battlefield Sports Announces a Green Light on Production of the New Model Spitfire

new spitfire gaming guns Battlefield Sports this month launches a new compact gaming gun model, the Spitfire. The new model will hold close to the established Spitfire look. For example the model retains the iconic uzi-like fins - forward and aft.

Likewise the new model Spitfire retains a 40mm lens (the same as the Scorpion). Like other models in the Battlefield Sports line up it features the tri-colored predator muzzle flash and Optik sensors. This gaming gun model also has a blaze orange fake barrel.

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It does, however, debut several new features, including:

  • a new precision engineered lens assembly with a 90mm focus length
  • a re-design of the SATR radio antenna placement from the top to the side of the machine pistol's barrel to be consistent with Battlefield Sports' other metal gaming guns, and
  • a new stainless steel trigger assembly and handle spine.

The new model Spitfire, like Battlefield Sports’ other new generation gaming guns incorporates a new advanced aluminum chassis and the resin gaming gun barrel sensor.

Battlefield Sports Marketing C.O. Nicole Lander said: "The new spitfire is every bit a modern Battlefield Sports gaming gun, same compact size, and just as visually striking as its predecessor. Customers will experience a great deal from the mid-size Spitfires - it must be fit for purpose, practical as well as stylish."

spitfire gaming gun close up"The unrivaled reputation of our brand is founded on a long history of listening to our customers (both Battlefield Operators and gamers) and producing products of the utmost quality that combine innovation with our pioneering heritage,” Nicole added.

The latest addition to the Battlefield Sports gaming gun stable demonstrates the team's understanding of how style and functionality can work together to culminate in gaming guns that are sophisticated and robust.

How does the new Spitfire Compare?

There are new and improved specifications over the Spitfire predecessor.

The previous model weight was 2.3kg / 5lbs now weight 2.2kg / 4¾ lbs

The previous model length was 42cm / 16½" now 40cm / 15¾"

What Weapon Emulations go with the Spitfire?

The featured weapon emulation for this model is the Uzi

Other recommended weapon emulations
* Spitfire (default)
* MP5 SD
* Me Grease Gun
* MP38/40
* Sten MkII
* MAT 49-20
* MP18
* MAT 49-32

To celebrate the green light on the new model Spitfire production the company is offering the unit as a special introductory price (limited time).  Ask your local consultant for details.