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New Helicopter adds Punch to Oxford Battlefield

A helicopter as landed in Oxford creating a stir in the Battlefield LIVE world.

This new addition is now part of the movie-set scenarios at this world-class outdoor laser tag center.laser tag

The former military chopper was delivered earlier last month by Battlefield LIVE Oxford for its Culham site.

This is not a scale model, rather it is the auBattlefield LIVE trophiesthentic, albeit decommissioned, helicopter.

The helicopter, sans engine, is a XV720 Royal Air Force Search and Rescue chopper.

Known as the Wesland Wessex this British turbine-powered helicopter was first entered service in 1961.

The model was retired from service in 2003.

First flown in January 1962, the helicopter was intended for transport, ambulance and general purpose duties; it became a familiar sight on anti-terrorist operations in Northern Ireland and supported UN Peacekeeping forces in Cyprus.

The XV720 served with 22 Squadron.

Lisa Pointin, co-CEO for Lasergaming said this was just the latest addition to her many props on her battlefield.

The chopper measures 20m in length and has a 17m rotor span.

Inspiring scenarios from Platoon and Black Hawk Down this helicopter will add to the thrill of live gaming days.

laser tag chopperOnce used by the RAF, the aircraft will now provide a ‘war-zone’ feel to the Pointin’s outdoor laser tag venue, which already has structures including a WW2 bunker and forest emplacements in its various game zones.

The venue also has a high ropes course, a zip line, not to mention the various other props like APCs, gabions, and even the odd 30cal machine gun.

"We are extremely excited about our new addition of the helicopter.

This will enable some new and fresh missions and maps for our gamers," Lisa said.

"Back in its day it was operated from RAF Valley, Anglesey. (Where Prince William is deployed)," she said.

"Many of our customers are Call of Duty fans so being able to incorporate a chopper into their game-play is exciting," she said.

"I think the gamers will love it," she said.

[Picture, right, "Thumbs Up on the new Chopper" from David Pointin.]

Helicopter Characteristics / Specifications

* Crew: Two Pilots
* Capacity: 16 troppos or 8 stretchers
* Length: 65ft 10 in / 20.07m
* Rotor Diameter: 56 ft / 17.07m
* Height: 15 ft 10 in / 4.83m
* Empty weight: 8,340 Lb / 3,767kg
* Loaded weight: 13,500 lb / 6,136kg

Helicopter Performance

* Maximum Speed: 132mph (115 knots, 213 km/h)
* Cruise speed: 122mph (106 knots, 196 km/h)
* Range: 310 mi (270nmi, 499km) with standard fuel
* Service ceiling: 12,000ft (3,660m)