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Get Ready To Battle Royale LIVE  

get ready to battle royale liveThe Battle Royal craze just got a little bigger with Battlefield Sports’ Battle Royal LIVE mod. 

Hugely popular in various video games, like Fortnite and PUBG, this survival-game style can now be played in the real world. 

The classic Battle Royale game places 100 gamers on a remote island for a winner-takes-all showdown. Of course, in the SATR3 system you can have many more than 100 playing at once. In fact, you can have just over 2,000. 

The Battle Royale LIVE players out in three ways:
  • Solo - Free-for-all 
  • Duo - Work as a pair against up to 6 other couples. Or, with friendly-fire on you can have up to around 1,000 duos. 
  • Squads - A Team of Gamers go head to head against up to 6 other squads. While the classic squad has 4 gamers, you can have as many as 290 gamers on each squad. But if you do keep for the 4 gamers per squad with friendly-fire on you have around 500 teams playing at once. 

In the new SATR3.3 system place a Battle Royal box in the center of your battlefield. 

As well as being acting as the Battle Royal box, it is a combination box (medic and reload) set to any team.

If configured to do so it will provide respawns. It can be set to fixed number of respawns or it can set to provide respawns for a specific time, or if you set it with a zero value to implement then the respawn option is turned off.  For example, in a 15-minute game, Battlefield Operators can set the box to provide 10 minutes of respawns so that every gamer is guaranteed to play most of the game. In this case, during the first 10 minutes the scenario will be about jockeying for position and then the last 5 minutes as the field really shrinks will be a final shoot out to see who will be the last gamer standing!

The way the Battle Royale game works in a live scenario is that the box blankets the battlefield, via the radio repeater with a damage. In the SATR3 live gaming system players can be configured to have armor and / or shields. But with the Battle Royale box all armor and shields are bypassed.
There is no hiding! 

By default, the Battle Royale box will do 5 points of damage every 15 seconds. In the SATR3 live gaming system events can run with basic or variable damage, even splash damage. If basic damage is used then the Battle Royal box will issue one point of damage.

Just before damage signal is sent from the Battle Royale box, an immunity packet is sent. If players are within the range of the immunity packet, then the next damage packet is ignored. The first time a gamer receives damage after missing the last immunity signal, they get a sound warning but will not take damage.   

As the game continues the immunity signal is reduced in strength thereby shrinking the battlefield map size. The safe area will incrementally reduce over the course of the battle.

The Battle Royale menu options for the box are:
  • Spawn Limit (timed, fixed no, unlimited)
  • Reload Limit
  • Range (for infrared transmission of reloads and spawns)
  • Auto Issue (If yes, spawn/reload sent without needing a button push by the gamers)
  • RF Respawn (if yes, respawn/reload also sent by very short-range RF signal, great feature)
  • Start Immunity (how far the immunity extends when game starts)
  • Final Immunity (how far the immunity extends at its lowest point, I’m aiming for approximately 30-40 metres, can be set to a lower value down to melee range!)
  • Immunity Reduction (How often the immunity drops a RF range category)
  • Damage (number of hits points reduced when they receive the damage signal from this box).

This is action video games brought to life with you as the hero. Time to experience Battle Royale LIVE. Contact your local consultant to find out how you can get your Battle Royal live gaming mod.