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Gamer Profile: Synper

Gamer Profile: Snyper of the clan Mysterious Soldiers

Daniel Beveridge aka Snyper, 21 is based in Melbourne. When he is not gaming he works for Ford. This is his take on playing Battlefield LIVE.

Lock n Load - Where and when did you first play? How did you find out about Laser Skirmish?

Snyper - My team and I first played at Mooroolbark in 2007. After seeing an ad in the local newspaper, I got my two brothers and a mate to make the team with me.

gaming clan from melbourneLock n Load - Do you play both inflatables & forest? Do you have a preference?

Snyper - I have played both fields in the past. Both sides have pros and cons, but when it comes down to it I prefer urban.

Lock n Load - What kit do you use? What's your preferred model?

Snyper - When I first started playing all I was using was the sniper rifle. As I progressed as a player I found it easier to use the scorpion which is now my weapon of choice. I do enjoy using the P90.

Lock n Load - If you were to introduce one celebrity to Laser skirmish, who would it be and why?

Snyper - Hmm. Maybe a big shot director like Stephen Spielberg so he can see my awesome skills and cast me in a remake of Saving Private Snyper HA! Or a hot actress like Emma Watson so I can show her my "guns".

Lock n Load - What do you like most about Laser Skirmish?

Snyper - The action. The fun of the sport. The friendly atmosphere. But mostly so I can shoot Weapon. [Editor: Weapon is the Battlefield LIVE operator at Laser Strike]

Lock n Load - If you could give one piece of advice to a new gamer, what would it be?

Snyper - Nothing beats teamwork. Don’t be afraid to yell out enemy positions, ask for backup or leave your teammates to die. Strength in numbers.

Lock n Load - What are you most looking forward to in ANCW 2013?

Snyper - I always look forward to meeting and playing against teams I normally wouldn't get the chance to. ANCW is where the best of the best come to battle.  Plus hanging out and having a few drinks with the lads is always fun. So many memories....

Lock n Load - What’s your best moment in Laser Skirmish?

Snyper - Tough choice. I would probably say winning the ANCW in 2008. It was our first ever ANCW and we had no idea what to expect but somehow we came out on top!