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Gamer Profile: Maddog

Gamer Profile: Maddog of the clan Mysterious Soldiers

Jarryd Hocking goes under the call-sign Maddog. He is 20 years old and works as an Electrian when he is not gaming. Maddog likes zapping his oponents. This is his story.

Lock n Load - Which team do you play for?
Maddog: I play for the mysterious soldiers.

mysterious soldiers caln Lock n Load - Where and when did you first play? How did you find out about Laser Skirmish?
Maddog: I first played at Mooroolbark.Dragon brought me down for some public games 2007 then when a spot became avilable in mysterious soldiers clan so I joined the team.

Lock n Load - Do you play both inflatables & forest? Do you have a preference?
Maddog: Yes i have played both. I dont have a preference I like the fast pace of urban fields but I also like the stealth and camouflage needed for bush

Lock n Load - What kit do you use? What's your preferred model?
Maddog: When I first started playing I tried my hand at snyping but quikly moved to a Commando carbine then later swapped to the Scorpion for greater speed and mobility.

Lock n Load - If you were to introduce one celebrity to Laser skirmish, who would it be and why?
Maddog: Kim Kardashian only because she would be able to spin some publicity for the sport and help it grow.

Lock n Load - What do you like most about Laser Skirmish?
Maddog: The action and tactics, how some games you will have to completely change how you play to overcome the other team.

Lock n Load - If you could give one piece of advice to a new gamer, what would it be?
Maddog: Be aware of where your team mates are and watch your flanks.

Lock n Load - What are you most looking forward to in ANCW 2013?
Maddog: The challenge of playing australias best and catching up with mates from interstate. We're all friends here.

Lock n Load - What’s your best moment in Laser Skirmish?
Maddog: Definitely winning ANCW 2008, the first nationals mysterious soldiers played in we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into, scrapping victory by 1 kill in the final game!