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Gamer Profile: Dragon

Gamer Profile: Dragon of the clan Mysterious Soldiers

Luke Beveridge aka Dragon, 20, is a Personal Trainer who works in Melbourne. But when he is not hitting the gym he loves hitting the opposition.

Lock n Load - Which clan do you play for?
Dragon: Mysterious Soldiers

mysterious soldiers clan Lock n Load - Where and when did you first play? How did you find out about Laser Skirmish?
Dragon: My first game was the Soldiers very first b-grade clan wars at the Mooroolbark site. I found out about laser strike when my brother (Snyper) approached me and showed me the advertisement in the news paper and said lets join.
Lock n Load - Do you play both inflatables & forest? Do you have a preference?
Dragon: I have experience in both inflatables and forest from many fields all over Australia. My preferred preference would have to be inflatables, nothing like speed and accuracy in a thrilling 3 minute match.
Lock n Load - What kit do you use? What's your preferred model?
Dragon: When I very first started I used the Commando Carbine to which then one day I chose the Scorpion SMG and knew from then on this was the weapon to be.
Lock n Load - What do you like most about Laser Skirmish?
Dragon: Everything, from Clan wars to Nationals and all that's in between, the memories and experiences have added so many chapters to my life and cannot wait for more.
Lock n Load - If you could give one piece of advice to a new gamer, what would it be?
Dragon: Just keep at it, it all comes down to experience, it may take you 1 month or a year but if you just hang in their and try and experiment new tactics then you will be amazed at what you can accomplish.
Lock n Load - What are you most looking forward to in ANCW 2013?
Dragon: To be the first team to ever win three ANCW in a row and re-write history once again.

Lock n Load - What’s your best moment in Laser Skirmish?
Dragon: Best moment would have to be our very first clan wars match in b-grade, starting out our very first game with a draw then going undefeated through countless seasons was truly a memory to behold.