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Future of Multi-Player Shooters – LIVE

The Future of Multi-Player Shooters – LIVE

Announcing the Mark IV Morita Gaming Gun

morita sneak peekThis is for the gamers. This is for the recruits who want to be snipers. This is for the soldiers who play for their clan. This is the Morita Mark IV.
Morita is a giant hulking piece of machinery. This gaming gun packs a punch.

It is a 3 foot metal monster (almost 1 meter long!)

The Morita Rifle is special purpose light machine gun which can be configured as a SAW or a Sniper Rifle. It has a near future theme.
The Morita gaming gun is best played outdoors or in a CQB urban environment.

The Morita is the standard issue machine gun from Battlefield Sports. It features a 99 shot magazine, it supports both burst and semi-automatic fire. This emulation has 6 spare magazines and takes 10 seconds to reload.

Battlefield Sports is launching the latest iteration of its signature machine gun.

The Mark I Morita was first introduced to our arsenal back in 1999. This version had no vents on the barrel shroud.
Then in 2002 we introduced the Mark II Morita. This model had circular vents on the barrel shroud.
Back in 2007 we again introduced a new model, the Mark III Morita. The barrel shroud changed to three diagonal slits.
Now in 2014 we are about to release the Mark IV Morita. The new model will have a series of vertical barrel shroud slits.

Morita Mark IV - Gaming Gun Specs

morita sneak peek Gun Class: Light Machine Gun – Configure as a SAW (with red dot) or Sniper (with telescopic scope)
Maximum Range: Up to 170 meters / 560 feet
Combat Range: Up to 90 meters / 300 feet
Standard Issue Color: Hammerburst Black
Weight: 4.3kgs / 9½lbs
Special standard features: Comes with the Latest Digital patented technology – SATR 2
Sensors: Optik sensors, the advanced hit sensors for game play indoors or outdoors
Predator muzzle Flash: Comes with 9 hyper-bright LEDs surrounding an infrared emitter so you select red, blue, white or no muzzle flash.
Rate of Fire: approximately 350 rounds per minute

Recommended SATR Weapon Emulations

•    Battlefield Sports Morita (default)
•    M24 Sniper Rifle
•    Dragunov SVD

Weapon EmulationMagazine CapacityFire ModesRecoilROFRangeReloadsTime 
Battlefield Sports Morita99BA/SA3350rpmLong610 
M24 Sniper6BA345rpmLong203 
Dragunov SVD10SA33rpmLong193