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Expansion with 2 New Service Centers

Battlefield Sports Announces an Expansion with Two New Independent Service Centers

Battlefield Sports, world-leading Laser Tag Equipment company has today announced an expansion with two new independent service centers in the UK and USA.

mike burdi The company has joined forces with Battlefield LIVE Lancs in the United Kingdom and Avatar's Roost in the United States to cater for servicing battlefield operators.

Technology innovation is the key to delivering more value to customers and the two new independent service centers will provide tip-top maintenance, diagnosis, and gaming unit repair solutions.

"These two regional, independent, service centers means that gaming guns and accessories can be repaired locally. This will give even better service to the operators in the United Kingdom and North America," said Adam Natakuapa, Tech C.O. Battlefield Sports.

Battlefield LIVE Lancs is based in Darwen in the North of England, United Kingdom. Duncan Bell has many years of experience repairing and refurbishing gaming guns. Duncan has also operated his own Battlefield Business since 2005. You can contact Duncan via

Avatar's Roost is based in Maricopa in Arizona, United States. Mike Burdi is a seasoned electronics engineering technician with over 30 years’ experience. Mike has also operated his own Battlefield Business since 2012. You can contact Mike via

This expansion of the service centers will enable complex repairs to be done by an experienced gaming technician.

Battlefield Sports' service center in Headquarters in Brisbane, Australia remains in operation.

Tier 1 support is still available via email -