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Eleventh BFS Annual Client Survey 2015

Battlefield Sports Annual Client Survey Results 2015

Each year, during the Thanksgiving season, Battlefield Sports runs its annual client survey. It is a tradition we've continued for more than a decade - getting feedback from our customers so we can continue to innovate and improve.

This year, 2015, celebrates its eleventh year of feedback.

Happy 11th Birthday to the Battlefield Sports Client Survey

At Battlefield Sports we value our Battlefield Operators' feedback that is why we've run our annual client survey for a decade. Many of the innovations we've incorporated into SATR2 are the features our operators asked for.

surveyClients experienced steady growth of around 10% per annum, some even experienced great results of 30% or 40% jump and few reported that customer activity has nearly doubled. Operators believed the reason for their improvement was the "amazing technology!". Operators also said the reason for improvement was to do with repeat customers, adding new locations, or combining both mobile and fixed offers. Those who did experience a drop put it down to external factors such as increased local competition or tough economics or a change in government regulations, such as school hours.

Majority of Operators Confident of Expansion

More than 77% of clients were confident that their business would expand next year, of these 27.2% had a very high level of confidence that they would expand.

The average age of players who were entertained at these Battlefield Businesses was between the ages of 13 - 14. In fact Battlefield Operators entertained gamers across a large age range, with an average as young as 8 right up until an average of the gamers to older than 30 years old.

Most clients indicated that their business were outdoor part of a multi-activity venue. Interestingly this is different to last year's survey respondents who indicated that they were mostly mobile laser tag.

Just under half of the battlefield businesses are small, with less than 5,000 guests through the gates per year.

What the Battlefield Operators Said

"We are a conference center that uses this as an activity for our guests & we also have outside guests using just laser tag. The variety of games you can play will keep your customers returning. The laser tag equipment is fun for the players and the operators. Battlefield Sports offers quality equipment, lots of information on Battlefield Sports University about how to run your business. The Battlefield Sports' customer service is very responsive. All of the information and resources on the website is very helpful" Daryl, CA, USA.

"Very good sport package and good entertainment. Cooperative and always gave us latest info on product" Shafiee, Malaysia.

"Rugged, most dependable equipment in the industry, easy to use, lots of options, excellent zombie games" Mike & Julie, WI, USA.

"You've given me a lot of support and advice in the last 12 months since I took over the business, always with a personal and friendly approach. You've been generous with discounts, access to BFU and the HQ software (still setting it up!) which has been really helpful too. Thank you" Marcus, Australia.

"We are a church and are using it for a community outreach to help at-risk teens have a safe, fun place to be. We will use the gear for mobile indoor/outdoor events; as part of a multi-activity venue; and for rental groups. I LOVE the technology! While there is a learning curve, once it's understood it is very straightforward and easy to use. Thank you for helping us make this program a reality for our teens!" Barry, WI, USA.

"Gaming Guns tried & tested in many conditions - still holding up after 10 years!" Rick, North Yorkshire England UK.

"One word. BRILLIANT. One of the main reasons is that this technology is amazing!!! Outstanding!! More and more people are interested in our game. Also Cyprus got hit by crisis so we became a luxury to people but now the economy getting better so are we!!! Keep up the good work!!! Thank you!! :)" Andreas, Cyprus.

"Good service. Good quality gaming guns." Roland, NSW, Australia.

"What do I like best about Battlefield Sports? Moving with the times, great communication, happy to help and generally a great product" Lisa, Surrey, England.

"We are a family resort and we have more and more families come each year. Great product with product support. they have lasted well over the past three years and the support has been always there even with the distance" Scott, Jamaica, West Indies.

"Great company to deal with, so many gaming options, flexible system. Being able to communicate directly with the manufacturer / owners, very reassuring. Equipment is reliable and you are always pushing the boundaries which is fantastic from an operator's perspective," Mark, Derbyshire, UK.

A Big Thank You

Thank you to all the battlefield business operators who took the time to give us your feedback. We look forward to incorporating your feedback to making even better product and services for you next year.