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Duty Calls: Haunt to Add Laser Tag

Duty Calls: Factory of Terror adds Battlefield Sports Equipment to its Haunt

New England's largest haunted attraction has added a tactical combat arena to its arsenal.

mission combat line upMission Combat is co-located with Factor of Terror.

It is a sprawling landscape of chilling effects, startling side-shows and hidden vantages that create a completely new realistic laser tag showdown.

Mission Combat is revolutionizing conventional laser tag with different missions and modes of game play for players ages 13 and up.

Although only opening recently the venue already has hundreds of members as well as a large influx of walk-in customers.

In fact the queues are lined up out the door.

Mission Combat is located in the same building as Factory of Terror in Fall River, Massachusetts.

Owner Tony Luizinho was seeking a way to leverage on his Haunted Attraction infrastructure to build a year-round business.

A Way to Boom your Haunt

Mission Combat is an intense as it gets, outshining other more basic laser tag venues inviting gamers to explore the haunted, labyrinth of floor with your fully-stocked weapons and armed with nerves of steel.

mission combat adds Battlefield Sports equipment

Vice President of Operations Nathan Araujo said the sport is essentially a real-life version of "Call of Duty".

It is a new take on laser tag, ramping it up a level.

In old fashioned laser tag, players participate individually, trying to tag others and collect points to win.

Mission Combat involves two teams, so participants must use team work to create a strategy and use communication to achieve victory.

Authentic Laser Tag Weapons Supplied by Battlefield Sports

The venue is host to some of the most realistic combat weapons in any laser tag arena.

Zack Moniz a local who has experienced this new brand of laser tag said "Game play revolving around objectives, weapons with a realistic weight and feel, and consistent stat tracking. Definitely the most fun I've had playing laser tag. I will definitely be back.. with reinforcements."

The laser tag equipment was supplied by Battlefield Sports.

"Players can choose their own mission," Araujo said "whether it be defusing a bomb or saving a hostage."

Each game is supervised by a "Commanding Officer" (or C.O.) to ensure fair game play and safety.

Factor of Terror's Mission Combat's 15,000 sq-ft battle space has four separate arenas and offers birthday parties and special events year round.

This is a good option for Haunt Attractions to extend their entertainment season and re-use infrastructure.

Such is the success of their Fall River venue, the team plan to roll out two more locations in West Warwick and Worcester, MA in the coming year.

(Words by Nicole Lander with some original reporting by John Andrade.)