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Domination Box - Great for Laser Tag Leagues

Thinking about Getting the Domination Box from Battlefield Sports?

I`m Peter McC at Horsham LaserTag and I’m a big fan of the Domination Box.

Here’s why.

As a small business servicing a town of only 14,000 people, we need to be mindful of our running costs. Wages are our biggest outlay. By using the Battlefield Sports Domination Box we are able to run a Laser Tag League with just one staff member.

Another benefit of the Battlefield Sports Domination Box is managing interactions between our customers. When we tried Capture the Flag format we needed more than one referee to minimize arguments and even then we still had the odd problem. Now that we have the Domination box it is a non-issue. Less Stress for me.

One referee can manage the game and the Domination Box manages the time count for both sides. It also takes the stress out of folk running with the flag. Something that always worried me, so much so that I didn’t offer it as an option.

For those of you who haven`t tried it, the Domination Box counts, in minutes/seconds, how long each side has control of it. When the blue team (Bravo Team) scores a hit on the Domination Box the counter starts and keeps adding up the time until the red team (Alpha Team) scores a hit. With new v1.65 of the SATR software the Domination Box also announces, at selectable intervals, how the game is going. I like the fact you can control the timing of these intevals. The box says "Alpha Team in Control" and "Bravo Team is Victorious" and other helpful audio feedback for the gamers. 

The referee still has to keep an eye on the area around the box but there is no question over who hit it and when.

Laser Tag Leagues

For Laser Tag Leagues there is an even bigger advantage. We have an Attack round, a Defend round, and finally the Domination round. The original idea was configuring one of the controllers as a make shift base then having to reconfig between rounds. (Swapping its Team.) The solution we have developed is simplicity itself.

The Domination Box is placed up in the corner of one of the inflatable walls. The Defenders' Medic Box is located near to (but not next to) the Domination Box and the Attackers have their Medic Box paced a lot further away. The attackers have to work much harder to gain control.

Victory is awarded to whichever team has the longer time in control. We don’t limit respawns. We leave that to the energy levels of the players.

For game two we swap ends (after recording stats).

For the Domination round we clip the Domination Box to an inflatable wall in a central location.

The Box flashes the color of the winning team and we just record the minutes for working out a percentage. Captains gather stats off their guns and the Captain of the other team confirms the record.

Domination Box for Laser Tag LeaguesTo further minimise our duties, the Team Captain is responsible for collecting money and organising the team.

I held off setting up a Laser Tag League when I heard about the Domination Box. Without it we would be offering less game time and also had to have an extra staff member. The Battlefield Sports Domination Box is a fabulous tool for our business.

  • Want to expand your gaming options?
  • Need to control your running costs?
  • Want to improve safety my eliminating players running with flags?

Then grab yourself a Domination Box.

Peter McC has a blog dedicated to Horsham Laser Tag, read more here