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Deer Hunting & Zombie Hunting in Nova Scotia

Zombie Hunting & Deer Hunting all part of the Thrill for Battlefield UNDEAD in Nova Scotia, Canada

Battlefield LIVE NS pulled off two successful "Battlefield UNDEAD" events in October, part of Zombie month. 

zombie hunting in Canada They hosted two fundraisers for local groups and invited their groups to be "Zombies" while the Battlefield LIVE NS technicians orchestrated the shows.  

There are quite a few local "haunts" in Nova Scotia - mostly outdoor "corn mazes" and indoor prop-oriented venues. In the past the main focus was to have patrons simply walk through these mazes and "be scared".  

This year Battlefield UNDEAD helped to amp up the thrill.

“We love how Battlefield UNDEAD takes the action to the next level as patrons can "defend" themselves against the scares they are facing as they travel along the trails! Having "combat options" certainly places Battlefield LIVE Nova Scotia at an advantage with haunts here in Canada,” said Colleen Bussard, Owner Battlefield LIVE Nova Scotia.

Navy Seals of Canada Cadets Thrill the Locals

The first group was the Navy Seals of Canada Cadets group in Windsor, NS.  It was a day time event during their annual "Pumpkin Regatta".  The battle was held down a winding pathway, over a couple of bridges, in a National Park.

The even had 9 to 13 year old cadet zombies lurking behind trees and our inflatables along the path. While the patrons battled their way through obstacles and props, shooting at the zombies wearing "zombie boxes" around their necks. 

zombie hunting in NS, CATheir goal? 

Detonate the Suitcase Bomb and blow up the Zombies Home. Of course they first had to avoid some mines as they crossed the last bridge.   

onSTAGE Actors get into the Zombie Role

The second group was the onSTAGE actors in Kennetcook, NS, who are a group of local 15 to 18 year old actors fundraising for their spring acting trip to Scotland. 

The event was held after dark behind Kennetcook Pharmacy. This is Colleen's day job! A fog machine, strobe light, a projection screen on the side of our Mission Trailer and a sound system in the center of the field that had a thunder/lighting machine in action created the scene. The field where we held the event runs along the Kennetcook River and in a bit of a valley where wildlife is abundant.  

Deers & Zombies a Jumpin'

It is deer hunting season in Nova Scotia, so as patrons traveled down the trail, it wasn't uncommon to hear deer jump into the river and to see porcupines watching us from up in the fir trees - that all added, quite unexpectedly, to the "natural ambiance" of the experience!   

“Both events were great fun. And enough to get our feet wet, so to speak, to want more for next year!” she said.

“We have learned that partnering with groups in a fundraising effort is one of the best ways to get the cooperation of groups to work with us, without a charge to them or the cost to us of employing people. The concept we use is simple....  after our costs, we split the profits 50/50.  The more they help advertise with their connections, the better we all do!” said Colleen.


(Please note no Deers were harmed in the making of the Zombie Story!)