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Combat Entertainment on Target for Vegas

Combat Entertainment on Target for Vegas: Battlefield Sports to Exhibit in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS, NV, USA, APRIL 23RD 2010: Battlefield Sports™ the world leader in combat entertainment, will be showcasing its patent-pending digital laser tag technology SATR™ at this year’s International Laser Tag Association Convention.

This April Battlefield Sports brings their latest innovation in laser tag to Las Vegas.

The ILTA Convention is an opportunity to see the latest products and services in the laser tag industry.

SATR, which stands for Small Arms Transmitter Receiver, will be demonstrated during ILTA Trade Show, April 27-28 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

Best of Show Laser TagPortable Fun

With Battlefield Sports’ technology laser games are now 100% portable.

The S*A*T*R does not need a complicated central computer system.

In fact there is no central computer at all!

The system works “peer-to-peer” meaning one player’s gaming gun recognizes a signal directly from another player, rather than via a central computer.

“This is literally a turnkey solution, you get a key turn the gaming gun on and you are ready to play,” explained Elaine Marsden, USA Agent for Battlefield Sports.

“But with the Master Controller, you can manage an unlimited number of gamers playing simultaneously. You can even have up to four different groups playing in close proximity without cross-fire,” said Ms Marsden.

The gaming guns are available in a variety of models and colors, well as two types of camouflage pattern.

Their ingenious design makes this laser tag equipment look amazingly authentic.
The infrared ‘bullets’ can shoot up to 1,500 feet in daylight, depending on the gaming gun model.

“When a gamer tags an enemy, the shooting gaming gun instantly says ‘casualty’ or ‘kill confirmed’ or ‘already dead’,” said Nicole Lander, co-Founder of Battlefield Sports.

“We also have a special “laser tag” sound scheme which says ‘tagged’ or ‘de-activated’ or ‘de-activated already’,” said Ms Lander.

“On the flipside, the enemy’s weapon issues a near-miss, wound, or dead sound effect,” said Ms Lander.

“The implementation of the S*A*T*R system will mean that venues that have this technology will be far in front of venues that don't. With such a major advance in the gamer experience, it is clear only venues with this will survive and thrive in today's instant communication and technology buzz environment. Only the best will do to protect your business,” added Ms Lander.

Global Game-plan

Attractions from the Philippines to the United Kingdom have been keen to experience the thrill of S*A*T*R.

The Battlefield Sports’ experience combines the excitement of role-playing, team-building, and adventure, and stimulates gamers both mentally and physically.

Participants are equipped with gaming guns that utilize harmless infrared beams, much like a TV remote, to target other players as they enact various scenarios.

The attraction involves no mess, or risk of injury from harsh paintballs, and all ages, genders, and levels of fitness are accommodated.

“It is what all gamers strive for; to go from listening to gunfire via speakers to hearing it all around them as their pulse races,” said Ms Marsden.

But this is more than an adrenaline antidote to the latest bad news about the financial crisis.

S*A*T*R lets people abandon their everyday roles and become a Hollywood hero for a day.

“Our system improves the gaming experience because, with our real-time hit-feedback, gamers know instantly when they have hit someone. This gives gamers a rush,” said Ms Marsden.

“With S*A*T*R gamers can take their skills from virtual matches into a live game, to experience the excitement of a Hollywood blockbuster, with themselves as the leading lady/man,” said Ms Marsden.

“With our new S*A*T*R system you can experience the thrill of a war game ‘LIVE’ indoors or outdoors,” said Ms Marsden.

The new gaming guns range incorporates ten models, from compact sub-machine guns to authentic sniper rifles.

“We are very excited to be able to offer this state-of-the-art technology at this year’s show,” said Ms Marsden.

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To see our laser tag innovations visit the Battlefield Sports at the Flamingo Hotel, April 27th to 28th.

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Battlefield Sports™ build systems so gamers can participate in combat missions for entertainment. Battlefield Sports™ manufactures gaming guns and gaming inflatables, and creates unique battle missions. Millions of games have been played across more than 35 countries. The Battlefield Sports® brand has service points in USA, UK, Spain, Singapore, Poland, France, Chile, and is headquartered in Australia. Battlefield Sports has won numerous awards, including named Top 3 State exporters (Arts/Entertainment) Premier of Queensland's Export Awards 2009. With more than a decade of experience, Battlefield Sports is the pacesetter in the development of combat entertainment. This year, the company introduces its patent-pending S*A*T*R® System. Battlefield Sports is committed to 100% quality in service, design, and its manufacturing has CE certification. For more information, visit