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Chinese Students and the Curator of the Laser Tag Museum Enjoy Laser Skirmish

Chinese Students & the Curator of Laser Tag Museum Travel to Experience Laser Skirmish

Chinese students playing laser skirmish It was a warm winter’s day, around 70°F (21°C). The humidity at Laser Skirmish Mount Crosby was curbed by a soft breeze. Fifty-three Chinese School Students, their Teachers and Interpreters gathered around C.O. Plan listening to their Mission Briefing, eager to start the combat games.

This particular weekend event also had a V.I.P attend, the Curator of the Laser Tag Museum, Erik Guthrie, who had travelled from Indianapolis, USA to experience the Battlefield Sports brand of outdoor laser tag. Also joining the battle was Nicole Lander and her son, Benjamin.

On this Sunday morning the Chinese Students experienced the “Domination Game”.

This is where the group is divided into two teams, Alpha (red) and Bravo (blue).

The gamers must tag each other and shoot the Domination Box which is placed somewhere in the center of the battlefield. The computer inside the box times how long each team is in control of the box.

Each game ran for 15 minutes.nicole's gamer stats

The SATR system gives the gamers verbal feedback in real-time such as “tagged” or “deactivated”. The laser tag system can also be set to 13 languages, including Mandarin. At the end of the quarter-hour the laser tag system automatically pauses all the gamers and the box flashes the color of the winning team as well as having a SFX announcement “Blue Team is Victorious!”

Chinese Students a Growth Area

Hosting Chinese Students has actually been a growth area for Nicole and Peter Lander’s team. During the last 12 months they have entertained 12 Chinese School Groups.

Entertaining more than 440 students. Groups ranged in size from 15 to 63 students at a time. Today’s group had 53 players. 

Erik, Nicole and Ben jumped into the last Domination Game of the morning’s session. eriks stats

Erik and Ben were on the Alpha team, together with roughly 27 Chinese Students. Nicole joined the Bravo team, assisted by 26 Chinese Students.

Erik played well, not surprising given his years of indoor laser tag experience. But Nicole’s team were the victors, having the controlled the Domination Box for longer.

Gamer Stats

While Nicole’s team won the mission, both Erik and Ben outperformed on their individual game statistics. Nicole made 57 tags and 10 deactivations and respawned 11 times.

This gave her an Assist to Wound Ratio of 1.1 and a Kill to Death ratio of Point 9. Her accuracy percentage was a healthy 13%. Erik tagged the opponents 41 times and deactivated them 14 times, only respawning 4 times. This gave him an A/W Ratio of 2.61 and a K/D of a terrific 3.5. His accuracy was 9 percent.

Nicole congratulated Erik. “Well done, Erik and thank you for coming all the way from Indiana to visit our battlefield,” said Nicole.

Fifteen year old Ben’s also enjoyed the combat game as he focused on his own mission of blasting Mom!

bens gamer statsBen’s display looks slightly different because his gaming gun was set on the “milsim” theme rather than the family-friendly laser tag theme. So instead of tags and deactivations his SFX and display showed Hits and Kills. He hit the opposition 136 times and killed the gamers in Bravo team 39 times, only respawning once. This gave him an outstanding A/W of 25 and a K/D of 39 with an accuracy percentage of 15%. Well, Ben has been playing since he was 4 years old!

The morning was a fun session with lots of action and lots of targets.

That afternoon’s session was even bigger, with 99 people booked in. That afternoon Laser Skirmish entertained several groups including a Soccer Break Up event for the Under 9 Rockets, a tenth Birthday, a Junior Rugby League Break Up event for the Under 10s sports team, an 8th birthday and an 11th birthday.

The Laser Skirmish Mount Crosby battlefield is about 13 km (8 miles) from the popular suburb of Kenmore in the western suburbs of Brisbane. Laser Skirmish is set within the 40 acre Tyamolum Scout Park. The terrain is open woodlands with Kholo Creek wending its way at the bottom of the hill. Platypuses are occasionally seen in the creek.

For more photos of the Chinese School Students enjoying Laser Skirmish, see our Facebook Page.