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Celebrating 20 Years of Online Business

20 Years Of Business Online

20 years in businessThe internet has fundamentally changed the game for people who want to build their own business. The net has made it faster and cheaper to start and expand a business.

Easier, perhaps, than any other time in history.

We started our first online business at the dawn of the commercial internet, way way back in 1996. (We launched in 1999.)

And we have made money from the net ever since. In one way or another we've provided for our family and helped our community, right through the dot-com crash, right through the "Great Recession" and during every Google algorithm update.

I remember creating my first web site in notepad. Painstakingly learning how to code in raw HTML, where the most exciting feature was <b> for bold.

Back in 1996 there was only a relative handful of active websites, around 250,000.

Nowadays there are around a billion web sites.

It has been an interesting two decades. During this time we have sold millions of dollars of products via the internet.

A lot has changed during the last 20 years. The internet has enabled a huge communication transition.

Many new net users are able to access the internet via their smart phones.

People who may never have owned a computer.

This week marked the 10 anniversary of Twitter. That one tweet sent back in 2006 kicked off what has now become a platform for breaking news and marketing your company.

Just consider, only a relatively short time ago there were no hashtags and no retweets. How did we survive! (Just kidding!!)

Nowadays we live in a more connected world. A world that is still full of entrepreneurial opportunity, especially online.