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Carmarthenshire is First Choice for Soldiers

Team Building Activities for Soldiers

Carmarthenshire is first choice for the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment, based at Hyde Park Barracks; they chose to make the trip to Pembrokeshire twice last month, to spend some rare downtime enjoying at Battlefield LIVE.

playing in walesIn total, 112 soldiers took part in a day of combat games using the latest IR technology, interspersed with pistol training and survival training with A Squadron Ltd, which is run by ex SAS legend Bob Podesta, who spent 25 years in the SAS.

Battlefield LIVE Pembrokeshire is outdoor combat gaming at its best.

They use infra-red (as used by the military), it has all the adrenalin fuelled fun of Call of Duty but without the sofa; it has all the fun of paintballing without the pain of being hit, and it makes for a day out everyone can enjoy.

The day out got the thumbs up from soldiers who declared their day of combat as ‘awesome’ and they will definitely be returning soon.

Carmarthenshire and the amazing range of attractions, activities, scenery and beaches, is fast becoming a highly recommended and visited place for tourists from all over the world.

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