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Battlefield Sports announces new milsim facility Hard Knocks

Battlefield Sports announces new combat simulation facility open to the public, "Hard Knocks Orlando".

Battlefield Sports, the world's leading manufacturer of gaming guns, has supplied combat simulation equipment to Hard Knocks Orlando for their new, fully immersive, combat simulation arena.

Now open to the public, gamers can live out their Call of Duty fantasies via authentic military simulations in a purpose built indoor urban-themed center.

Since its release Call of Duty has been the world's most popular team-based first-person shooter game. Indeed the game's "office" terrain has been one of its most popular maps.

Today, with Hard Knocks Orlando, gaming teams execute missions that challenge them to defuse bombs, rescue hostages, protect VIPs, and take on various other military/law enforcement scenarios.

The combat simulation facility's final cost was in excess of one million dollars. The arena is regarded as the most ambitious and expensive indoor live gaming field ever constructed.

Covering more than 12,000+ square-foot, consisting of a warehouse combat zone and office terrain. The urban battlefield is be complete in every detail -- desks, bookcases, signs, office chairs, down to the waste paper baskets.

Hard Knocks - Your Indoor War

The walls of the Hard Knocks center are lined with an arsenal of gaming guns individually engraved. Scores of rifles and more, all have female nicknames. These gaming guns "shoot" infrared light, which is completely eye-safe and is the spectrum of choice for military-grade combat simulation equipment. These weapons have no projectile, meaning the experience is pain-free and requires no safety gear.

Each weapon has a red dot scope and incorporates realistic size, weight, and sounds.

The project was the brainchild of Joe Wheeler, who was a Disney entertainment executive for five years, followed by a seven-year stint as a leadership consultant, before quitting a year ago to devote himself to Hard Knocks full time.

Joe got the idea by analyzing the drawbacks of simulated shooter games like paintball and laser tag. He concluded that they were expensive, painful, hot and unfair, but still brought in huge dollars in revenue from enthusiasts.

hard knocks

“Our plan is to replace paintball and laser tag nationally. Hard Knocks delivers pain-free, more realistic combat experiences indoors with complete control of the environment. Our law enforcement training and corporate team-building sales are far ahead of projections, specifically because of those differentiators,” Wheeler says.

Joe unleashed a virtual marketing campaign via Myspace, and forum posts, and FACEBOOK. As a result, he received more than 1,000,000 unique visitors to his web site before even opening his ‘real world’ doors.

Creating immersive entertainment is a combination of themed arena, realistic gaming guns and game design. Hard Knocks has provided the world's best themed arena while Battlefield Sports has to supplied the world's leading gaming guns. Together these two have created the world's best combat game experience. Hard Knocks has built on the game design concepts of Battlefield Sports to tailor fantastic games for the indoors.

According to Shaun James Browne, former sales guy at Battlefield Sports USA, "Battlefield LIVE is one of those sports that excites everyone and is something that everyone wants to try. We are looking forward to taking Battlefield LIVE to a new level in Florida and the vast range of guns and games from Battlefield Sports means that there is a great choice of equipment available to suit everyone from the casual gamer to the serious competitor.”

"Our style of combat levels the playing field while still delivering a more robust combat experience,” explains Joe. “It promotes the social aspect of gaming and combat sports.”

The new adrenalin sport of Battlefield LIVE is quickly gaining popularity all over the world as one of the most electrifying and beginner-friendly extreme sports around. Battlefield LIVE can be played in just about any environment indoors or outdoors. But now with the Hard Knocks arena, gamers can blow each away over all kinds of obstacles, such as office desks, partitions, workstations and more.

About Battlefield Sports

Battlefield Sports™ is the world leader in the development and production of high powdered infrared weaponry for combat games. Battlefield Sports™ manufactures, distributes and markets the equipment, patent pending live gaming inflatables, and unique battle missions for this leading edge hybrid of electronic sport and entertainment. With representation in more than 40 countries and millions of games played Battlefield Sports has revolutionized the combined entertainment and exercise options for the video game generation. Headquartered in Australia and offices in Los Angeles, Battlefield Sports won numerous awards for excellence, including Exporter of the Year 2005 (FNQ) and the Member of the Year (2007) of the Australian Technology Showcase. Battlefield Sports sells about 85% of its products internationally.  

About Hard Knocks Orlando

Hard Knocks is the latest innovation in live entertainment to hit Florida. Hard Knocks has two 12,000+ sq. ft. indoor urban themed arenas used for combat simulation missions for entertainment. Conveniently located near University of Central Florida (UCF) they are open 7 days a week.