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Battlefield Sports Announces a Massive Expansion

A Massive Arsenal for Huge Laser Tag Games!

Battlefield Sports announces a massive expansion of its arsenal.

“Expansion of our gaming gun arsenal has meant that our reach across South East Queensland and surrounding areas for Laser Skirmish games in Brisbane and Gold Coast has never been more exciting,” said Peter Lander, Managing Director.

A Huge Laser Tag GameIn our local business we now have 1,103 gaming guns in our arsenal.

This is up almost 20% on our arsenal size from last year.

Interestingly the bulk of the arsenal (77%) are Grey and Black Cobras.

Cobras are also the most popular choice for sales of gaming guns.

As well as Cobra the arsenal also includes Scorpions, P90s and Commando Carbines.

There also are 182 other units which are used  as gaming accessories, such as Master Controllers and Battle Boxes.

Pictured [right] is an example of one of our huge laser tag games, this session had 98 gamers!

“Battlefield LIVE is an exceptionally forward looking and pioneering combat entertainment business and we are delighted to expand our arsenal to meet local demand,” said Nicole Lander, Marketing C.O. Battlefield LIVE.

“In a fiercely competitive market this is a great endorsement for our popular Cobra model.”