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Battlefield Props amp up the Thrill

A Battlefield LIVE Ballistic Missile the Ultimate Battlefield Prop

There are lots of special effects you can add to your battlefield, but none are quite so exhilarating as a short-range ballistic missile prop.

Imagine this: a fire drill with a difference, gamers bombarded with special effects, troops maneuvering in for glory!

scud missile - battlefield propWhile some laser tag businesses offer a mobile offering using inflatable props, others built their business from a fixed venue. This gives the operator scope to create some authentic movie-prop emplacements for thrilling game play.

Battlefield props range from natural wooded areas, to open fields, even rainforest jungles.

But once you get into the props department the sky's the limit.

Battlefield LIVE fields can be decked out with props like fake buildings, old cars, gabions and forts. 

Scud Missile - Battlefield Prop Extraordinaire!

A Scud Missile offers an entirely new aesthetic element to Battlefield LIVE game-play.

Mission Objective: Disarm the missile station - Result: Add thrill to your battlefield.

One of the many perks with the patented SATR system is the aftermarket accessories available to you. A scud missile inspired by the CSS-b Russian cold war missile is just about the pinnacle.

In fact, one of the most exclusive aftermarket additions is the SATR scud missile. This missile is an authentic size so it has the look and feel of a movie-set prop.

This amazing battlefield prop is currently being used on Lasergaming Oxford.

This can be an amazing experience to see inspiriting amazing feats of battlefield glory.

The Battlefield LIVE missile is made by Duncan Bell from Battlefield LIVE Lancashire.

If you are interested in finding out more about the missile then just email me. PLEASE quote #SATRScud for a special deal.