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Battlefield Operators Fired Up Over Favorite Gameplay Gun

Which Laser Tag Gun Is The Most Popular? 

Debate about which model is the best laser tag gun is on-going. The SATR3 live gaming system supports more than 300 virtual emulations in its software. Just over 200 of these are weapon emulations. 
But from a hardware point of view Battlefield Sports currently makes eight laser tag gun models. 
We asked Battlefield Operators around the world which was the most popular laser tag gun model on their battlefield. 
NOTE: There is a caveat that some Battlefield Operators only have one model of laser tag gun in their business, and so, naturally that would be the favorite. 

Here are the 5 most popular laser tag gun models. 

Number 5: The Honey Badger 

Inspired by the Honey Badger weapon in Call of Duty, the Battlefield Sports’ gun is popular with the milsim crowd. Those going for a Battlefield LIVE theme.

This model is good for close quarters battles. Its robust build and realistic looks while still being light weight have proven popular, particularly in Norway. Just over 3% of respondents chose the Honey Badger as their favorite. 

Battlefield Operators can also customize the gaming gun by adding a forward hand-grip or sling (or both!).

The HB14 also has a unique software emulation. The Honey Badger laser tag gun model, offering two unique features with the ability to change from sub-sonic to supersonic mode and back again.

The supersonic mode is the default. This default mode is long range and has the normal muzzle flash.

The software has a cool sub-sonic mode which is short range, but with reduced (but not eliminated) muzzle flash and a lower sound volume. This is ideal for stealth work.

Number 4: The Spitfire

The Spitfire was actually the very first design in the Battlefield Sports arsenal. And it is still going strong.

Its design has gone through several iterations over the years but the basic look and feel has remained the same. 
Its front and rear metal tabs have been inspired by the famous Uzi machine pistol. 

Many paintball field owners and adventure park managers have chosen the Spitfire model because it is compact and robust.
Battlefield Operators from the United Kingdom and Norway said that this model is the most popular on their fields. In fact, 10.7% of respondents said that the Spitfire was their favorite. 

Number 3: The P90

The P90 is one of our most authentic looking laser tag gun models. While not an exact replica it was inspired by the FNP90 personal defense weapon. 
The P90 was made famous, especially with sci-fi buffs, as the weapon of choice in the long running TV series “Stargate”. 

It is a bit heavier that the other popular models so it works best for adult gamers. It is good for operations going for the Battlefield LIVE theme. 
Battlefield Operators from Australia, the UK and Belgium indicated that the P90 was the most popular laser tag gun model in their neck of the woods. 

Number 2: The Second Most Popular Laser Tag Gun – The Scorpion

More than 32% of Battlefield Operators listed the Scorpion as the most popular laser tag gun in their operation. This makes it the second most popular model. 
Operators from Australia, USA and the UK indicated that they preferred the Scorpion. 
The Scorpion is a stalwart of Battlefield Sports’ gaming gun arsenal.

This tournament grade gaming gun is designed for exceptional performance and durability. The current design is the fourth iteration in the history of the Scorpion nameplate.
The silhouette with its bent magazine housing endures. This Scorpion model makes a bold statement in a compact body.

Number 1: The Most Popular Laser Tag Gun – The Cobra

An overwhelming 42.9% of Battlefield Operators surveyed said that the Cobra was the most popular laser tag gun model in their business.
Battlefield Operators from six countries voted for the Cobra. They were from:
  • Australia
  • Greece
  • the USA
  • Denmark
  • Spain, and 
  • Sweden.
The Cobra is a combat model that is lighter than many of its compatriots because it is made from fiber-reinforced polycarbonate, rather than metal. Because it is lighter is it popular with youngsters. It is a good choice for those operators looks to embrace the family-friendly Battlefield TAG theme. 

The Cobra is, is in fact, the best-selling model in the Battlefield Sports arsenal. 

most popular laser tag gun model What’s The Most Popular Gaming Gun At Your Local Battlefield? 

Whichever laser tag gun model you prefer they all enable players to live out their Hollywood blockbuster fantasies! Your favorite gameplay gun depends on the business's target audience and what battlefield theme the Battlefield Operator is going for. 

Different models suit different battlefield themes. As they say, different stokes for different folks. 
That being said the clear winner in the popularity stakes is the Cobra.