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Battle Box Launch

2013 Launch of the new Battle Box

Battlefield Sports will be in the spotlight with its new 2103 release Battle Box.

This new high-powered machine enables immersive gameplay with its lightweight versatility.

new Battle box Using the Battle Box in Battlefield LIVE gameplay you place one Battle Box at each team’s base.

Thanks to the powerful Quad-Core motherboard the Box retains all the functionality of SATR:

  • Medic Box to re-spawn
  • Ammo Box to replenish ammunition.

Software Specifications: Re-Spawn & Reload Functionality

Operators can set the unit so the blue (Bravo) clan can only re-spawn with their team’s box.

Likewise, the red (Alpha) clan can only re-spawn using their box.

The box can be set to issue a fixed number of re-spawns per game, issue timed re-spawns.

The Box can also be set to issue a fixed amount of ammo reloads or timed reloads.

Alternatively it can be set to unlimited re-spawns and unlimited reloads.

The volume control can be set on boot up within the software settings.

Hardware Specifications

The dimensions of the casing are 280mm × 155mm × 180mm (or 280mm x 155mm x 240mm including the external antenna).

The Box weighs only 2.2kg. Its predecessor was 3.4kg. So this is a big improvement.

The Battle Box comes as standard with the Jedi-Grey textured powder-coating.

It unit also includes one re-chargeable battery 7.2 volt (4,000mAh).

"There certainly is going to be a massive spotlight on this new generation Battle Box," said Nicole Lander, Battlefield Sports Marketing C.O.

"As well as the Battle Box looking sleeker and it is much lighter," she said.

More photos of the new 2013 Battle Box are avialable at our Facebook page - see