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Army of Two - Fonts and Colors

Army of Two – Fonts & Colors for your Battlefield Marketing

army of two - battlefield marketing When you are setting up or reviewing your marketing collateral choosing the right colors and fonts is often a challenge.

Here are two a great rules of thumb to help you choose, I call it the Army of Two.

These represent the fundamentals of good design.

Typography Twins

You might ask yourself “Which font should I choose?”

There are literally thousands and thousands of fonts to choose from. But a key rule of thumb is just select two.

Too many fonts can clutter a web site and drop a user's comprehension.

It is recommended that you just select two fonts that work well together.

You might go with a sans-serif font for your headline (because there is likely to be less words to read). And "sans" is the latin word for without, so sans-serif means without those little serifs.

And then match that with a serif font for the copy text.

A good example of these typography twins are Georgia & Effra. See

The Brandon-Grotesque and FF-Tisa combo is another example of a sans-serif headline with serif text. See

A serif, by the way, a small line used to finish off a main stroke of a letter, usually at the top or the bottom of a letter.

Color Duos

Another question you might ask yourself is "Which colors should I choose?"

There are millions of options. Should you go for a monochromatic scale? Complementary colors? Or something in between.

My recommendation when selecting colors for your marketing collated is to match your colors with your company's theme and culture.

Again, only select two main colors.

An excellent tool to help you choose is Adoba Color CC, which is an online color wheel.

You can even upload your own photo and select colors from it. See

If you select two great fonts and two great colors then you are well one your way to winning a huge marketing victory.