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Arcade Soundscape Creates an Engaging Gamer Experience

Retro Arcade Soundscape Creates a More Engaging Gaming Experience

Ideal for Family Entertainment Centers, Tourist Resorts and Summer Camp SATR2.2 has a new soundscape called 'Arcade'. Rather than the standard word cues for game play actions the new Arcade SFX offer a set of intuitive sonic elements just like sounds from a retro pinball parlor.

"We are really excited by the launch of SATR2.2, in particular the new Arcade sound scheme which we believe is set to be the game-changing innovation in live gaming this year,” said Nicole Lander, Co-Founder of Battlefield Sports.arcade games space invaders

“We believe our customers will love the new software update as it brings a new and exciting dimension to laser games for live action role-play fans around the world,” said Nicole.

“This is just the first in a number of exciting innovations that we plan to introduce over the short term which will distinguish the Battlefield Sports brand from its competitors,” said Nicole.

The Sound of Winning

The new SATR arcade sound scheme seeks to reinforce the sensation of winning for the gamer.

Gamers get pleasure from being reassured that they are winning. Gamers on the same team even get a vicarious pleasure when they hear their team mates making progress.

The new Arcade sound scheme makes sound effects consistent with traditional arcade games for hits, kills, re-spawns, dead already and game start. The hit/kill sounds have a very short duration.     

In fact this reinforcement is one of the key drivers in Battlefield Sports' breakthrough patented technology. The SATR system ensured that via a peer-to-peer system gamers KNOW when they get their opponents.

In the classic system players of outdoor laser tag often knew when they were hit but not when they tagged their opponent. It was a negative reinforcement scenario.

With the real-time hit-feedback of SATR gamers now have a positive re-enforcement of success within the game.

The digital sound scheme in the SATR laser tag system has always integral to the gaming experience.

Previous SATR software versions offered gamers this hit-feedback via a sound effect such as "tagged" or "casualty" in 13 difference languages.

SATR2.2 now offers Battlefield Operators a meta-language option, a sound scheme similar to a retro arcade.

Sound effects instead of spoken word is better for players who don’t understand language that the Battlefield Operator has set as standard on his or her gaming guns.

The new sonic elements are quickly interpreted across many cultures. This is perfect for running events where there are many gamers with different language backgrounds, such as entertaining tourists at a resort or entertaining student groups from overseas.

Carnival games, casinos, game shows and video games have employed sounds to heighten engagement and pleasure.

Sounds in games and during the game-play are integral to the gamers' perception and understanding of fun as the mission and battlefield props themselves.

Research has shown that multiple‚Äźsensory stimuli can trigger adrenaline and dopamine.

A balance between difficulty and skill is required to continually engage a gamer in the combat game. As Nolan Bushnell, Founder of Atari, famously said the best games are easy to learn but difficult to master.

As the gamer's skill increases, so must the difficulty of his or her mission, or the player will become bored. But if the skill required is too difficult for a novice, the gamer will likely become despondent. So it is important to get the game-balance right.

Battlefield Sports places immense focus on innovation as core to its strategy when developing live gaming technology.

The SATR sound effects are an integral component of the gaming experience which helps create a more immersive entertainment, a more convincing illusion of the battlefield. It heightens the amount of stimulation, engages the senses, and consequently improves the quality of the gaming experience.

To find out how to get a hold of this new software release, contact your local consultant.



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