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Annual Client Survey Results 2017

Battlefield Sports Annual Client Survey 2017

Here are the Annual Client Survey Results for 2017

Each year, during the Thanksgiving season, here the team at Battlefield Sports runs its annual client survey.
This year, 2017, celebrates its thirteenth year of feedback.

​Survey respondents gave us a score of 4.27 out of 5 overall. So thank you for the endorsement. 

Happy Birthday to the Battlefield Sports Client Survey

At Battlefield Sports we value Battlefield Operators' feedback that is why every year we ask for your opinion.
Many of the innovations we've incorporated into SATR3 are the features our operators asked for.
The good news is that during 2017 57% of our clients have experienced an increase in the past three months of customer activity compared with the same time last year.
In fact while clients experienced growth ranging from 5% to 30%. One resourceful operators said "our company has expanded by 3 times of what it was before. So we have a lot more birthday parties than before."
Those who did experience a slump put it down to external factors such as the weather, that they were focusing on other areas of their business such as paintball.
Exactly 80% of clients were confident that their business would expand next year, of these 30% had a very high level of confidence that they would expand.
The average age of players who were entertained at these Battlefield Businesses was between the ages of 10 - 13. Many clients average age of players also covered 8 to 9 year old and 14 to 15 year olds.

What the Battlefield Operators Said


Carolyn from the USA 
"Battlefield Sports is a very good company to work with. I like their quick response. I like the sturdy construction and their good looking products. Keep up the good work."

USA Flag
Luc from Canada said: "This [laser tag equipment] is the best in the indstury. There are lots of options / modes with the SATR3 system. Battlefield Sports is great in every part (Research & Development, after market service, etc)."
Stuart from Australia said: "I love the new SATR3. the best thing about it is the auto-respawn and the mini-repeater on the start/end of missions."
australian flag

"You guys rock."

Arthur from Australia 

french flags

"No problems. This is quality [laser tag equipment]. Ni problème, n'est quality."

Christian from France

Robert from Australia said: "If you are considering starting a laser tag business I would say: Know your purpose and do your research. Battlefield Sports is the best on the market in terms of weapon emulation and configuration, by far. What I like best is its scalability for a wide variety of ages. I can keep it simple for 6-7 year olds, or make it more challenging for adults. The "Laser Tag" language is great for keeping everything family friendly. Thank you for always being available for assistance when required. Special thanks to Canditta & Adam for the support!"

Graham from the UK said: "This [laser tag equipment] is reliable. These are sturdy products. They stand up to rugged treatment well."
Scott from Jamaica said: "This [laser tag equipment] is a great product. It is state of the art. I like the realistic sounds and the durability."
Simon from Australia said: "[Battlefield Sports] is awesome for support. They have a quality product. You guys are awesome!"
Marc from Spain said: "I like the reliability and robust products. I'm keen to try SATR3."
Aaron from Australia said: "This is an awesome product and [Battlefield Sports] is an awesome company. This is a fantastic product. Thanks for the opportunity to use your product."

Maarten from Belgium  
"I like the versatile weapons. They are strong and sturdy, and easy to use for every age. There is good support from Battlefield sports. Keep up the good work."

Belgium Flag


Daryl from the USA 
"The laser tag equipment is top of the line and dependable. I haven't met anyone who hasn't enjoyed playing with the Battlefield Live equipment. I like how the taggers interact with each other and their versatility. I like how Battlefield Live keeps inovating and keeping things fresh and new."

USA Flag
Dennis from Australia said: "This [laser tag equipment] is reliable. There is good service back up. The equipment is enjoyed by the customers. I like the quick maintenance. I like that the equipment continues to develop."
Dave from New Zealand said: "[Battlefield Sports] is supportive. They are easy to work with. This is a good product."
Jurjen from the Netherlands said: "You can run the gaming guns forever with the right maintencance and upgrades."
Michelle from Australia said: "This is a great little business idea. [Battlefield Sports] offer wondersupp support if you are looking to run a business. They have great service and the products. They offer friendly, efficient service. Canditta and Adam whom we work with directly are always even thinking out of the box when we need assistance - really efficient and lovely to work with."


Tom from the USA 
"Battlefield Sports has quality equipment. This is a quality product that is well accepted by our client. Clients tell us we have the best equipment. I personally like the fact the Cobras look like a toy which helps with the objections of the anti-gun crowd."

USA Flag

Nauris from Latvia said: "[Battlefield Sports] offer quality equipment. They have agreat support and attitude.

Bram from Belgium  
"It's a very good activity that is capable for everybody. It's better then paintball because you're not dead immediately. You can always keep playing because of the medic box."

Belgium Flag

A Very Big Thank You

Thank you to all the battlefield business operators who took the time to give us your feedback. We look forward to incorporating your feedback to making even better product and services for you next year.