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Annual Client Survey Results 2013

The Battlefield Sports Annual Client Survey Results (2013)

Each year, around Thanksgiving, Battlefield Sports runs its annual client survey.

2013 client surveyThe good news is that 71.8% of the clients experienced an increase in the past three months customer activity compared with the same time last year. 21.1% experienced a decrease and 7.0% didn't respond.

In fact while most clients experienced steady growth of around 10% per annum, many experienced fantastic results of 100% or 200% jump. One busy client even got exponential growth of 1,304%!! Those who did experience decreases put it down to external factors such as inclement weather or tough economics.

84.4% of the clients were confident that their business would expand next year, of these 25.3% had a very high level of confidence that they would expand.

92.9% of respondents would recommend Battlefield Sports to a friend or colleague.

The average age of players who were entertained at these Battlefield Businesses was between the ages of 10 - 13.

Most clients had a combination business as indoor and/or outdoor, and/or mobile either just Battlefield LIVE, or with other offers.

Just over half of the battlefield businesses are small, with less than 5,000 guests through the gates per year and with 2 to 4 employees. Then about a quarter were medium sized businesses which entertained between 5,001 and 10,000 per annum. 14% of the battlefield businesses were larger, entertaining between 10,001 and 25,000. There were a handful entertained more than 25,000 people per year and one more than 50,000 per year.

Ryan from the USA said: "The gaming guns are dependable. What I like best? I'd say the gaming guns' ability to adapt. I've played with many different manufacturers and Battlefield Sports gaming guns are the best as far as sounds and feedback."

Trudy & Kevin from Australia said: "Friendly, fast service, always ready to help. Love the gaming guns. Great business, great fun and very rewarding business."

Benjamin from the UK said: "[It has] excellent quality. It is a robust product which does what it says it will."

Pawel from Poland said: "Strong, reliable gaming guns, no problems. You just go and make battle no matter if it is +40 or -10 degree Celsius [104 or 14 Fahrenheit]."

Dave from Fiji said: "Good source, excellent resources and backup. Easy people to deal with straight shooters (excuse the pun) inspire confidence. Product does what its supposed to do... well."

Doug from Canada said: "We've had some of the guns for over 10 years now and they are still working, pretty good recommendation. They seem to have best option, although we've never tried anything else. The entire concept was great, outdoor laser tag. Our clients love the games, I don't believe we've had more than one or two people since was started go away a bit disappointed. Almost everyone goes away pleased, if not excited and wanting to come back. On the whole, happy with the guns, they've held up well."

Charles from the USA said: "I like its durability and features. Battlefield Sports is a top notch organization that is dedicated to its users' success."

Dereck from the UK said: "The equipment is really reliable."

Mick from Australia said: "Great to deal with, good deals on equipment, excellent after sales assistance. Easy to work with. Service portal for easy questions. We love using Battlefield Sports' equipment for our PCYC project."

Thank you to all the battlefield business operators who took the time to give us your feedback. We appreciate it!