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All Aboard the Zombie Train

All Aboard for the Zombie Express  

Thrill seekers can now travel by train direct to the zombie apocalypse.

The Zombie Train service operate a two hour experience.

And this is one train you won't want to miss.

The Zombie Train first blew its whistle last Halloween to sell out crowds.

Disruptions to the train service were not caused by timetable schedules, rather it is frenzied zombies that cause the fracas.

According to Angela Hill of the Oakland Tribune "for all this drool and drama, it was just for good, fake-bloody fun. No zombies were injured, and no actual human brains were sucked.

And while one might have thought the zombie craze would have run -- or perhaps shuffled -- its course by now, it's clear the doggone undead just won't die. In fact, they seem to be more virulent than ever, from TV shows and video games to Zombie Run marathons and recent events like the traveling Great Horror Camp out at the Alameda County Fairgrounds."

Brothers Chris and Mike Hart run the Zombie Train.

zombie trainTheir mantra is simple: ride the train + shoot zombies.

They are the same group who run the Sacramento Wild West shoot-out service.

As reported in the Davis Enterprise, Chris Hart, president of tourist operations for Sierra Railroad Company said “We get all age groups, from kids during the day shows to middle-aged adults during our later trips”.

The Davis also report that the show starts well before passengers enter the dystopian world. Passengers are quarantined and prepped — learning safety instructions for the ride — by the commander of the train Sgt. Tom Pressler and his first Lt. Dan. They, along with other covert characters, take center stage when not passing by a horrific zombie scene. As the train begins to rumble and pick up speed, passengers with laser guns take up posts along the sides of the back two open railroad cars.

"Awesome ride! I really enjoyed it," said Kathleen Valerio from Alameda, California.

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