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Aftermarket Perks 30cal Machine Gun

Get Massive Fire-Power with the SATR 30cal Machine Gun

One of the many perks with the patented SATR system is the aftermarket accessories available to you.

30cal machine gunOne example of the most popular aftermarket additions on many British battlefields is the SATR .30cal machine gun.

With the .30cal machine gun you can dominate the battlefield with awesome fire-power.

The .30cal machine gun was the weapon of choice for Allied and American forces throughout World War 2.

The machine gun also saw action in the Korean and Vietnam Wars.

A SATR 30cal Machine Gun

The .30cal machine gun uses as its core technology the SATR system from Battlefield Sports™.

Rather than real bullets or paint pellets this system uses tightly focused infrared light. Infrared is on the safe side of the visible spectrum, so it is harmless.

The .30cal machine gun is fitted with a large 40mm lening system to amplify your game play.zombie machine gun combat night ops

But this additional supporting equipment for live laser games makes the Battlefield LIVE gaming experience even more thrilling.

This after-market unit features the SATR electronics within a genuine .30cal.

The unit also includes a tripod.

It is a 1 to 1 scale so it feels and handles like the real thing.

SATR Medium Machine Gun Emulation

The M1919A4 medium machine gun features a 250 shot magazine, fires fully automatic only, has long range, has 4 spare boxes of .30inch M1906 ammunition and takes 12 seconds to reload.

The Browning Machine Guns were adopted by the US Military as the M1917.

The 1919A4 was virtually the standard US medium machine gun of WW2.

These 30 cal machine guns are made by Duncan Bell from Battlefield LIVE Lancashire.SATR machine gun

If you are interested in finding out more about the 30 cal then just email me.

PLEASE quote #SATR30cal for a special deal.