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AALARA Conference to Focus on Gaming Perks

Peter Lander to Speak at the 20th Annual AALARA Conference

The 20th Annual AALARA (Australian Amusement, Leisure and Recreation Association) conference will be held in May, 2014.

aalara Peter Lander, renowned Laser Tag guru, has been invited to speak at the 20th AALARA Conference to be held at the Sunshine Coast in Australia.

AALARA is IAAPA's sister organization in Australasia. IAAPA is the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions.

Owners and operators of Laser Tag in Australia will gather to discuss recent lobbying activity on recent legislative changes to firearms legislation across Australia.

The latest trend in the live gaming industry, of mission player upgrade options; "Perks" will also be discussed.

Perks are special bonuses that video game players can add to their characters to give them special abilities. The concept of perks that are progressively unlocked were first used in role-play video games. The concept has been more recently used in first-person shooters such as Call of Duty.

Since laser tag is a hybrid of live-action role-playing and FPS then integrating perks into the live game was inevitable.

Last year Nicole and Peter Lander were keynote speakers at the 19th Annual AALARA Conference.

The couple spoke on the latest trend of zombies.

This event will bring together a group of talented and dynamic industry leaders and speakers to present leadership sessions, educational and training industry forums and conduct site tours relevant to the safe and profitable management of your business.


Join us to discuss current industry trends and participate in discussion regarding the direction needed to ensure the continued prosperity of all AALARA members and industry associates. Read more, click here.