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2010 gaming gun collection announced

The award-winning Australian combat entertainment brand, Battlefield Sports®, introduces its 2010 gaming gun collection.

This year's Battlefield Sports collection features a brand new Medic Box.

medic box 2010"Battlefield Sports offers gamers a preview of the latest innovations in gaming technology ahead of the official global reveal at the Leisure Industry Week Conference in Birmingham later this year," said Nicole Lander, Marketing C.O. for Battlefield Sports.

The new Medic Box is the first entry in Battlefield Sports' new 2010 series of tournament grade guns designed for exception performance and durability.

This new model has been designed to deliver lightweight, compact performance and an exciting new look at an affordable price.

The Medic Box features a lightweight aluminum alloy body and has a powder-coated finish.

Signature Battlefield Sports® colours such as desert storm, phantom black, vixen red, dark camo, desert camo, toxic purple, octane bronze, gun metal grey, striker blue, thunderbird orange, sniper green, and hammerburst textured black means the gaming guns can integrate to any battlefield theme.

"Our gaming guns are all about performance and value for money," said Ms Lander.

"This is a progressive product which integrates the latest technology breakthrough, our patented digital system called SATR," she said.

"I am confident that the 2010 line up is going to turn some heads," she said.

The new model medic box builds on the Battlefield Sports tradition of quality and functionality.

The medic box not only improves customer through-put and reduces staff levels, it maintains Battlefield Sports’ philosophy of "what you see is what you get."

So gamers easily and intuitively identify the function of the medic box.

"The medic box echoes the best elements of the Battlefield Sports' gaming gun's DNA, mature design, great proportions, purposeful style," said Ms Lander.

On sale April 2010.

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Battlefield Sports™ build systems so gamers can participate in combat missions for entertainment. Battlefield Sports™ manufactures gaming guns & gaming inflatables, and creates unique battle missions. Millions of games have been played across more than 35 countries. The Battlefield Sports® brand has service points in USA, UK  Spain, Singapore, Poland, France, Chile, and is headquartered in Australia. Battlefield Sports has won numerous awards, including being named in the Top 3 state exporters in Arts/Entertainment, Premier of Queensland's Export Awards (2009). With more than a decade of experience, Battlefield Sports is the pacesetter in the development of combat entertainment. This year, the company introduces its patented SATR® System. Battlefield Sports is committed to 100% quality in service, design, and its manufacturing has CE certification. For more information, visit  

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