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13 Ways to Get Your Thrills this Halloween

Here are 13 Ways to Get Your Thrills this Halloween

October is a great opportunity to create some special events at your Battlefield for many places across the globe. Here are 13 stories about how Battlefield Operators from Wales to the Netherlands and back to the United States are getting their scare-on.Horror in the Bunkers, Halloween in the Netherlands

Number 1: Knotts Scary Farm

Knott's Scary Farm killed Halloween with its "Special Ops Infected". Every year the crew from the famous Knott's Berry Farm transform their Theme Park to a scare-fest. Their Zombie Laser Tag season was a hit, with thousands and thousands of people through the doors of their experience. Their video on Facebook has been viewed more than 785,000 times. In the Huffington Post, Jon Cooke was quoted "When you're building a maze for a Halloween event like this, strictly from a design point-of-view, you always design the rooms for your maze with two things in mind: Where is each scare in that room going to come from? And where is the distraction going to come from that then sets up the scare in that room? With 'Special Ops: Infected,' by placing a laser tag gun in each of the Guest's hands, that's our distraction." Read all about it, here.

Number 2: Zombies Invade Comicon

More than 1,400 brave souls dared themselves to experience the Battlefield UNDEAD zombie gauntlet at Comicon. Find out who survived.

Number 3. The Zombie Train

All aboard for the zombie express - a train ride to the apocalypse. Ever wondered what it would be like to be on a train what was invaded by zombies? Now you can.

Number 4. Duty Calls: Haunt added Zombie Laser Tag to Build Year Round Business

A new way to leverage on Haunted Attraction infrastructure to build a year-round business. New England's largest haunted attraction added a tactical combat arena to its arsenal. Find out how Factory of Terror did it. Find out more.

Number 5. Three Reasons Why I love Zombie Games

Do you love the "Walking Dead"? Can you barely wait for the premiere of "WWz"? Do you hold out for the latest installment of the "Evil Dead"? As they say: "you've seen the movies, you've played the games, now LIVE 'em". This is where Battlefield LIVE becomes Battlefield UNDEAD. Click here to read this blog.

Number 6. Zombie Hunning & Deer Hunting in Canada

Canadians love Halloween as much as the next guy, and here the Zombie Hunting & Deer Hunting all part of the Thrill for Battlefield UNDEAD in Nova Scotia. Find out some innovative ways Colleen from Battlefield LIVE NS is making this happen, click here.

Number 7. Even Celebrities say "Just add Zombies"

Famous cosplay personality Raychul Moore recently got her hands on Battlefield UNDEAD, here's her take on Zombie Laser Tag.

Number 8.  What Do the Gamers Think? Epic.

What do real people think of Battlefiled UNDEAD (zombie laser tag)? Newtzy is a Senior Reviewer with Trip Advisor. This is her review of Battlefield LIVE Pembrokeshire. Read the review now.

Number 9. Terror in the Bunkers

Dutch teens were exhilarated as they fought a horde of zombies in WW2 bunkers. Read about Halloween in the Netherlands, here.

zombie laser tag
Number 10. Battlefield UNDEAD Helped Raise Funds for a Good Cause at the Zombie Walk

Zombie Walks are becoming more people world-wide. A horde of the walking dead limped through the RNA Show Grounds in a festival of guts, gore and fake blood as locals unleashed their inner zombie. Battlefield Sports sponsored this good cause with its mobile zombie laser tag games, part of the Zombie Walk which helped raise close to $60,000 for the Brian Foundation. Read all about it here.

Number 11. High Tech Horror

The horror sector has grown from strength to strength. Like any industry innovation is its life-blood. Every Haunted Attraction manager is looking for a way differentiate themselves from the next ghoul ride. Battlefield Operators from Oxford to Wisconsin are adding zombie laser tag events throughout October. Likewise many haunted houses, like the Pennhurst Asylum, have add zombie laser tag to thrill the Halloween crowds. Bigger. Better. Bloodier. Find out more.

Number 12. New for Scare Parks

This year, there is a new thrill on the block. You can take your scare experience to another level with Battlefield UNDEAD, click here to find out how.

Number 13. Zombie Melee Boxes

Here's the technology to help Battlefield Operators and Haunt Managers alike experience a thrilling interactive haunt this Halloween with Zombie Melee Boxes so you can run a Zombie Gauntlet. Read the blog.