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More Battlefield LIVE Games

Battlefield LIVE offers you even more games! Once you’ve mastered the basics you may wish to challenge your gamers and go for more advanced games such as WW1, or WW2 reenactments or other live role plays.

Our  “Advanced Games Handbook” explains more than 50 live games, including how to run a clan war. Your gamers will never be bored!

Our LIVE game packs cover a diverse range of tactical and role playing situations.

They show you exactly how to run the games.

Some missions are specific to a type of terrain. For example our WW2 Stalingrad game needs an urban area (buildings and/or infrastructure) to work properly. Some of the Vietnam era games rely on dense forest.

Battle of Nui Le Battle of Nui Le border command Border Commando - multi-phase game CQB Game CQB - Close quarters battles
citadel hue Citadel Hue 4 points Four Strong Points Heydte's Escape - WW2 game Heydte's Escape (WW2)
Kokoda game Kokoda Track Operation Black Box Operation Black Box operation Bribie Operation Bribie
Rescue the General Rescue the General stop the Assassins Stop the Assassins Tet Offensive Tet Offensive