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Battle Box set as a Mission Box 

Mission Box


Set a battle box so you can play the "mission box" style game.

In this scenario, each team is trying to capture the mission box. 

Once captured it provides respawns to a configured limit to the holders of the box. To take control, the team has to shoot the box and then hold it without any other team shooting the box for a specified period (for example 60 seconds). If the captured box is shot by another team, a new timer is started for the second team; and the first team’s respawns are disabled. To re-enable respawns the first team must shoot the box again.

The mission box provides respawns to the team that currently controls the box. To control the box the team must shoot the box and then have continuous control for a specified time period, normally 30 seconds.

When a new team captures the box, the respawn limit resets.