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The Domination Box: A Must-Have Battlefield Prop

Play the Dynamic "Domination Game" with this Battlefield Accessory

The Domination Box is an essential accessory in your live gaming arensal. This design is conveniently compact which is great, especially for mobile laser tag businesses.

Click on the main image to see the Domination Box's specifications in detail, or click here

Domination Box: Alpha Team in Controll

The Domination Box can enhance the game-play on your battlefield. Using the Domination Box you can play the "Domination Game" just like a live video game.

You can use the Domination Box to play either indoors or outdoors. Here's how you can add some thrill to your laser games:

  • Place the Box in the centre of your battlefield (about equal distance between the red team and blue team base). Or within an emplacement, as seen in this video clip.
  • Set the game time for 10 minutes (or 5 minutes, or whatever you like)
  • Gamers cannot move the box.
  • If the red team players tag the box and it flashes red.
  • If the blue team players tag the box then it will flash blue
  • The timer inside the box works how how long each team was in control.
  • At the end of the game time the team which had control for the most time, wins!

The box will flash that team colour and say "Bravo Team is Victorious!" (or "Blue Team is Victorious") or "Alpha Team is Victorious!" (or "Red Team is Victorious").
The Dom Box enables you to really demonstrate SATR's patented hit-feedback functionality because the latest software code has a special SFX for the blue team and a different one for the red team.

mini dom box

Mini Domination Box

Domination Box - Red Team

The Domination Game

Just like in the popular first-person shooter games, you can play the Domination Game using this battlefield accessory. Click here to find out more.