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You've Seen The Movies, You've Played the Games. Now.. LIVE 'em

Battlefield LIVE Theme: Milsim Game Play


Battlefield LIVE Theme

mystery box and gamer This Battle Theme we call "Battlefield LIVE"

Our Battlefield LIVE gaming guns have been used by SWAT, Law enforcement, military personnel and gamers in more than 50 countries. Battlefield Sports gaming guns are still in action on some of our customer's battlefields after more than 15 years of hard gaming. 

Consider - Where to Play

The next step is to consider what sort of location you want to operate your laser tag business, namely:

What is your Target Market for Battlefield LIVE?

The target audience that is often interested in Battlefield LIVE include:

  • youth gamers 
  • corporate team building (white-collar corporate).

Inspiring Confidence

Good source, excellent resources and backup. Easy people to deal with straight shooters (excuse the pun) inspire confidence. Product does what it's supposed to do... well.
Dave, Fiji

Battlefield LIVE Clan Wars

Are you considering on running clan wars (tournaments)? If so you'll want to download our Swayzo Clan War Management software. This software will be available from the Battlefield Sports University (after it is launched at our Road Show).

Clan Wars are best run around inflatables, so your spectators can see the action.

Next Step

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The Battlefield LIVE Brand

Leveraging off the Battlefield LIVE brand can help grow Your Battlefield Business.

Battlefield LIVE indoor gaming is a significant departure from yesterday’s indoor laser tag.

Unlike old fashioned Laser Tag, there are no “individual rankings” or score sheets.

Rather Gamers can check out their statistics in real-time.


Impressed with the Robustness

After conducting a lot of research in this area we identified Battlefield Sports as a suitable provider for this unique [laser tag] equipment. After deploying it in weather extremes through the South West of Queensland, we were and still are impressed with the robustness and ease of use of the taggers. When we purchased the SATR equipment we have since found the continual development and upgrades to the product, have actually grown with us.
Clint, Dalby, AU

Because Battlefield LIVE gaming guns have been designed by gamers from the ground up, and with Battlefield LIVE missions there has always been a recognition that a good scenario consists of both “plot” and “scene.”

In the indoor context, this has meant that the battlefield layout must be able to be modified to suit the scenario. 

Gamers have come to expect that a combat simulation game will come with a range of “maps.” Just playing one layout, over and over, soon becomes boring.

To meet this challenge we have developed the patented battlefield inflatables consisting of low walls, high walls, window and door sections that all connect together to form rooms and corridors.

Battlefield Live has won more than 30 business awards for success and recognized in Australia as an innovative and successful company. Just another reason why you should choose us - we're on target.

Paramount pictures used Battlefield Live to help launch their action movie "GI Joe" and Microsoft XBOX turned to our brand to launch their HALO reach computer game. More, Call of Duty MW3 rolled out their midnight launch with Battlefield LIVE entertaining their video gamers.