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Milsim Theme - Battlefield LIVE Indoors

Many of our customers have chosen a hard-core milsim theme. Think "Call of Duty" live. The Battlefield LIVE theme is inspired by first person video games. (This is not the milspec theme which is designed for military training. If you are in the military, click here.) 

There are several things to consider when developing Battlefield LIVE indoors.

How much space do you need?

Consider how much Arena Space - just for the battlefield you will need. Area for the foyer, party rooms and food and beverage will be additional to these figures.

  • 200sq meters / 2,000 sq-ft recommend up to 12 Gamers
  • 300sq meters / 3,000 sq-ft recommend up to 24 Gamers
  • 400sq meters / 4,000 sq-ft recommend up to 36 Gamers

What Games should you run?

indoor battlefieldlive Mission Selection for gaming indoors is different to playing outside. Here are some great games to play inside.

  • Domination
  • Room Clearing
  • Electronic Capture The Flag
  • Team Death Match

Check out the Basic Game Handbook to see how to run these missions, click here

    How many groups at once?

    The SATR system enables you to run up to 4 simultaneous but separate groups in close proximity without cross-fit. Depending on your arena construction and the amount of floor space you have, you could potentially run a corporate team building group in one part of your battlefield, and bucks party in another, and two other groups as well.


    When planning your new Battlefield LIVE indoor business consider your build-out. Are you planning to build a fixed construction or use inflatables?

    If you do go with inflatables, here's our recommended combination:

    • 12 gamers: 5  x doors, 5 x windows, 2 x high walls, 8 x Bricks/Bunkers
    • 24 gamers: 8  x doors, 8 x windows, 2 x high walls, 12 x Bricks/Bunkers
    • 36 gamers: 12  x doors, 12 x windows, 4 x high walls, 24 x Bricks/Bunkers

    Even if you don't decide to go with an inflatable arena, you might consider getting some because then you can take a part of your gaming gun arsenal and gaming inflatables and use them at a mobile event, such as your Town Show or Village Fair which drives business back to your fixed venue.

    What's in your arsenal? Click here.