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Laser Tag Guns For Milsim Games

MILSIM Gaming Guns 

Milsim Laser Tag Guns

Battlefield Sports specializes in Milsim AKA military simulation laser tag. Tactical laser tag can be played indoors our outdoors. (We also support traditional or family-friendly laser tag, find out more about "Battlefield TAG" click here.) 

This combat game is so different to traditional laser tag that we coined a new brand to describe it: Battlefield LIVE.

Gone is the dark foggy maze with the pew-pew pistols. 

Our tag line is: 

"You've seen the Movies. You've played the Games. Now... LIVE 'em."


One of the main reasons I'd recommend Battlefield Sports is that this technology is amazing!!! Outstanding!! More and more people are interested in our game. One word. BRILLIANT. I would say that the gaming guns are so realistic and that with this technology is the closest you can get to real life. Keep up the good work!!! Thank you!! :)
Andreas, Cyprus

Battlefield Sports' technology best suits civilians for combat entertainment but SATR has also be well used by police, security and military training.

Our reenactments are inspired by a particular historical event.

These Live-plays aim to challenge gamers to immerse themselves in the scenario.

SATR has more than 300 emulations from modern weapons like the G36 and the Dragunov SVD Sniper Rifle - even Muskets! One of our more popular milsim laser tag gun models is the P90

Imagine it: just about any historical story can be catered for.

telescopic scope

    Most of our gaming guns come standard with a 30mm red dot scope. The Morita can be optioned with either a telescopic or red dot scope. 

    Contact your local consultant today to see what we can do for you. 

    Two Points

    1. Well built product, relatively easy maintenance. 2. Multiplies good customer experiences i.e. the "wow" factor.
    Joel Davis, Idaho USA