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Military Specification Genre 

The Military Specification genre or "Milspec"  sets the system to functions suitable for military training exercises. 

This includes wide range of modern small arms. 

For realistic or tactical laser tag experience then select the military specification theme. 

Under the milspec theme the hit rate drops to only 0.1 seconds. The default weapon emulation is MP5. 

Also friendly fire is automatically on, so gamers can accidentally shoot their own team mates.The difficulty setting is hard. The muzzle flash is set to "white". The hit light is by default off.The voice feedback is also by default off.The volume setting for other Sound effects is high.The system supports both simple military wounds and NATO protocol wounds. 

By default the game statistics are not recorded, however an operator can override this setting.Also, stoppages are set to on. The language is set to "military".

Tactical Laser Tag

Gamers who want to experience hard-core tactical scenarios then tactical laser tag is the way to go. 

Players can live out authentic gaming scenarios such as patroling, ambushes, and medical triage. The SATR tactical laser tag system supports NATO wound protocols.