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Battle Box: set as a Medic Box

Power-up Your Game Play With This Battlefield Prop

Laser Tag Operators Usually Order 2+ Battle Boxes

Most Battlefield Operators order two or more Battle Boxes to be set as medic boxes. 

It is common to set one for the red team and one for the blue. However the SATR3 laser tag system caters for up to 7 teams. 

Click on the image to get a close up on the specifications on the medic box, or just click here

medic box

Battle Box - Set as a Medic Box

The SATR3 laser tag system supports up to 7 teams, but most Battlefield Operator order two medic boxes.

Medic Boxes respawn gamers from their clan's base.

Most commonly this box is set as a "Combo" Box. The Combo Box does two things, namely it acts as the medic AND also acts as an Ammo Box (so gamers can replenish their ammunition from their base).

Using a Battle Box in Battlefield LIVE game play means Alpha Team (red) get respawns at the red team's base. And Bravo Team (blue) get respawns at the blue team's base. 


Purpose of a Medic Box

The main purpose of the Medic Box is to enable the gamers to respawn themselves i.e. bringing their gaming gun back from “dead” to “ready”.

The SATR system enables you to 

  • set timed respawns
  • a fixed number of respawns per game 
  • or unlimited number of respawns.

Medic Box Features

New In-Game Feature for SATR3: Self-Spawn

With the latest software you can set up the laser tag guns to automatically respawn. How it works is this: a gamer is set up with 25 hit points, once they've been shot and their unit is down to zero hit points then they are "killed" or "de-activated". The system can be set up so that set amount of time, say 10 seconds, the unit will be respawned. 

This feature works well for actors playing a zombie-role in a haunted attraction. You can select from: 

  • 3 seconds up to 10 seconds
  • or select 12 seconds
  • or 15 seconds 
  • then in increments of 5 seconds up to 60 seconds 
  • next select 90 seconds
  • or 120 seconds
  • or 180 seconds 
  • up to 240 seconds. 


Back into Action - Auto-Respawns, Great For Mobile Laser Tag Games

spawn bot The SATR system supports the Spawn Bot.

Battlefield Sports new software release offers you a new way to respawn using our digital technology. It is called the Spawn-Bot.

This is available in the any software version from SATR 2.0y onward (including SATR3+).

This is highly interactive battlefield prop.

Battlefield Sports' Battle Boxes are full of interactive gaming features, and this is just one more.

Battle Boxes can do many different things, depending on the game being played, for example when it is acting as Medic Box it can:

  • respawn gamers automatically in the zone (new)
  • respawn at the press of a button.

red auto spawnEach time the gamer interacts with the Battle Box there are cool sound effects.

When a gamer successfully gets a respawn their gaming gun issues the SFX "Respawned" or "Reactivated" or another sound effect depending on which language the unit is set to.

The box also issues a SFX which sounds like a defibrillator sound once per second with the new Spawn-Bot or on the button press for the older code to indicated that the box is on and working.

A Battlefield Sports' Battle Box is flexible.

If a gamer starts a mission with, say 5 hit points (5HP) once they have been tagged 5 times then their gaming gun does inactive. The gamer needs to return to their base, Alpha Gamers return to the red base and Bravo Gamers return to the blue base for a respawn.

Once the computer inside the box issues the respawn then the gamer can return to the battle for a little "pay-back".

blue auto respawn It can also be configured to work like a Domination Box (get the light effect upgrade for best results), a mystery box, an armor upgrade box, or even a cure box in a Zombie game. 

This is all part of the amazingly flexible, world famous SATR 2.0 release of patented digital technology from Battlefield Sports.