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Master Controller

Master Controller The Master Controller is your portable control device that allows the operator efficient and comprehensive control of the game. The Master Controller comes with a handy strap. The image shows the optional upgrade to the whip antenna.

For a more comprehensive explanation of the Master Controller please refer to the
User Guide: www.battlefieldsports.com/userguide

Top Notch

I like its durability and features. Battlefield Sports is a top notch organization that is dedicated to its users' success.
Charles, CA, USA



  • Latest SATR Software system: standard
  • Style Pistol (hand held device)
  • Construction Metal
  • Weight 1.4kgs/3lbs
  • Standard issue color: hammerburst black
  • Antenna: Short (standard) or Whip
  • Gun Length 26cm/10.2"

Master Controller Functions

The Master Controller is your portable control device. Any unit can be configured to act as a Controller but it is best to have a dedicated Controller.
And all units operate peer to peer utilizing the key patented feature of the  SATR system. The Controller is designed to boost your through-put.


Infrared red functions work by pointing at the target gaming gun and pulling the trigger. All the functions in this menu have temporary impact on the gaming gun and are not remembered between reboots.

* Spawn (via infrared / IR) -- re-spawns "dead" gaming guns & counts the number re-spawned using digital radio confirmation.
* Reload (IR) -- Restores all spent magazines & counts the number of reloads again using digital radio.
* Pause/Resume (IR) -- Can pause/resume a gaming gun targeted without affecting all gaming guns.
* Kill (IR) -- Gaming gun, regardless of hit points, is reduced to 0 hit points meaning they are "dead". Sometimes used for artillery strikes.
* New Mission (IR) -- All target gaming guns restart, resetting all stats & restores health & ammo. Does not affect game timer.
* Mystery-Class (IR) - The target gaming guns receive a temporary random weapon emulation from their possible weapon emulations in their current gun class.
* Mystery-RAND (IR) - Target gaming guns receive a temporary totally random weapon emulation disregarding their current gun class.
* Jam Weapon (IR) - Jams the current weapon, a reload button push will clear the jam.
* Shoot (IR) -- Shoots like a normal gaming gun e.g. to emulate a mortar strike.  



Radio commands are the best way to take control of an entire battle.   A master controller is set to a battle (4 different battles available) and radio commands work on all devices on the same battle as the controller.

* Pause/Resume (RF) -- Pause resume an entire battle. Only effects the battle the controller is set to.
* Clr Stats (RF) - Resets the session statistics on every gaming gun on the battle, this is much quicker than turning gaming guns off and on when you
have a new set of players.

* End (RF) -- All gaming guns on the same battle as the controller immediately enter "game over". The back light automatically comes on for all gaming guns in the battle so the gamers can read all their stats immediately the game ends. Battle boxes also go into game over state.
* Start (RF) -- All gaming guns, battle boxes that were in game over state are activated for a new game. If the gamer timer is set, the start function
also starts a new game count down, that is displayed on the controller and on all gaming guns in the same battle. Battle boxes that were in game over
and are set to time limits also start a timer countdown (usually less time than the game length).

* Set Game Time -- One controller per battle can be configured to control the time the game runs. After the time expires the game automatically ends.
As the game is nearing completion there is a warning SFX. The Controller can time games. Games as short as 1min or as long as 120mins. Or you can have
un-timed games.

SETTINGS (via Infrared)

From this menu, gaming guns can be quickly and efficiently configured. These changes are remembered by the system between reboots.

* Target Reset -- Sets everything back to a standard factory settings except language settings.
* Set Health/Chg Health -- Configures target gaming guns to have a specified number of hit points.
* Set Difficulty -- Quickly configure the difficulty level of target gaming guns. There are 3 levels:
Easy, Standard & Hard. Easy is great for young children making aiming easier (no recoil sim), unlimited ammo & automatic reloads, works well with the
Laser Tag theme.
* Set Indoor/Outdoor - This changes the infrared power to suit either the indoor or outdoor environment.
* Set Locked/Unlocked - Lock out the user from the menus on boot.   Locked mode can greatly simplify operations hiding much the complexity of the
system from the operator.
* Set Volume/Chg Volume - Change the sound volume.
* Set/Chg Language - Change the language the gaming guns operate on.
* Set Gun Time - Gaming guns can have individual game timers which supports the continuous game concept.
* Set/Chg Class - Quickly change the gun class the target guns are in, options are handgun, submachinegun, rifle and machine gun.

* Set Battle (IR) -- Target gaming guns can be quickly assigned a battle, preventing cross fires from different groups.
* Set Team (IR) -- Quickly sets teams to team A and Team B to turn off friendly fire or turn friendly fire on. We highly recommend setting gaming guns to teams.
* Set/Chg Weapons (IR) -- Much smarter than "cloning", this system allows you to set what weapon emulation you will use for each class of gaming guns (hand guns, SMG, rifles & machine guns).



* Test RF - Test the sensors and the radio system without impacting the operation of the gaming gun.
* Interrogate -- Targets a device like a battle box or gaming gun with infrared and then sends back relevant statistics to the master controller about that device using the digital RF system.


When in Zombie mode like Haunted or Apocalypse theme each gaming gun has two
sets of configurations.  One for when the gaming gun is operating as a
survivor and one when it is operating as a Zombie.   The B team is for
Zombies an A is for Survivors.   A player that dies as survivor turns into a

* Set Zombie Theme (Normal, Haunted, Apocalypse)
* Rent Zombie (Simple locked Zombie) mode
* Rent Survivor (Simple locked Survivor) mode
* Normal Zombie (Default Zombie settings)
* Normal Survivor (Default Survivor settings)
* Set Zombie HP (Set the hit points for Zombies)
* Zombie SFX On/Off (Controller random Zombie SFX)