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New Generation Digital Software: SATR3 - What's In It For You

SATR3 is our third generation of our digital live gaming software. Watch the explainer videos.

Here's what you get: 

  • Real-Time hit-feedback and real-time gamer statistics
  • New games including "Heist" and "Capture the Flag" and "Rush" and "Battle Royale" 
  • More than 300 emulations from family friendly phasers, modern firearm emulations, tank battles, fantasy scenarios to American Civil War re-enactments.
  • Up to 7 teams play at once, with up to 8 separate battle groups
  • Up to 21 languages with in-game voice-overs & SFX - our add your own customized language 
  • 12+ genres (from family friendly "Battlefield TAG" to hard-core milsim "Battlefield LIVE")
  • Up to 2,047 gamer IDs - now that's a battle not a skirmish!
  • Highly configurable or easy lock-out mode
  • 100% portable
  • Save up to 12 user-defined templates
  • Slots (up to 8 emulations per gamer)
  • New high-powered micro-processor plus improved radio signal via daisy-chain
  • Variable and splash damage
  • New in-game perks like "super mag" or "stopping power"
  • Armor & shields (including Mystery Armor) 

* NEW * Latest Production Version: SATR3.6

The new SATR 3.6P is now in production. 

It has following new or modified features:

  • In Royale Live genre, gamers often have more than 1 virtual weapon, often times gamers have 4 guns plus the players may have up to 4 aids. 
  • The 3rd line on the LCD now automatically scrolls during the game to show them what they have.
  • The supply crate for Royale Live genre now restricts the number of upgrades a gamer can take by allowing only one weapon, one aid and one ammunition collection per 15 seconds. The supply crate by default, can supply unlimited gamers the current supplies. This works better for larger groups.• For Royale LIVE genre, the automatic aid management and the automatic weapon slot management can now be disabled.
  • A supply crate can be configured to issue only weapons, only aids or only ammunition. By default, it issues all of these.
  • The operator can now make changes to the emulation settings and then permanently save these changes on a gaming gun. Next time this emulation is selected, the new settings will be loaded.
  • Automatic aid management now kicks off again after one aid is finished. For example, if a bandage is applied and after it is finished the gamer is still below 30 health and the gamer has another spare bandage, another bandage will be applied.
  • Spare Device for Royale LIVE added. Very useful feature when you want to use the core elements of Royale LIVE genre but want to make training time less for new staff or even short-term user run hires.
  • In conjunction with SATRWare (SATR-Hub and SATR-Score), an option is available to restore key scoring stats from the SATRWare to the gaming guns and some boxes upon a restart. If enabled, if the SATRWare database has a more current score and the box/gun is restarted, then the score is sent by RF to them from SATRWare. It will restore Domination Boxes, Vaults and Flag Boxes.
  • Gaming guns can now have a mix of red and blue muzzle flash and also mix of red and blue hit light to make 3 team. A team is normally both red, B team is both blue and now C team is red & blue. Could for three ways games.  

The 3-way Domination game has been super popular with local gamers. 


Latest version now supports the restore scoring data from database feature discussed above. Also now supports the Royale Live Genre.When closing SATR-Hub, the user now has an option to not clear the scoreboard time left in game timer.

Production Version: SATR3.5

Added in this new version of the software is the new genre "Battlefield Royale LIVE". This offers enhanced support Battle Royal live game. 

Also new is the ability to configure the hit light LEDs. Select 

  • *NEW* on while player is alive to show teams - and they turn off when a player is dead (great for indoor laser tag arenas)
  •  or standard, off when a player is alive and they turn on when a player is dead. 

Read all about the new Royale LIVE genre, click here

Launched Now: SATRWARE & "QUESTER" Wearable Tech

Exciting new software support is launched now. SATRWARE consists of SATRHUB (all the Master Controller functions but on a Windows Tablet or Laptop) plus SATRSCORE (scoreboard software). Click here to find out more.

You Should Be Proud

The Live Gaming Innovation Summit was informative and the SATR software is very impressive, so you both should be proud of the work.
Andy, Preston UK


1)    Alternative unlock by holding down both mode and reload button and then pushing reload (3.4Q)

2)    Battle Royale Box defaults to radiation every 5 seconds instead of 15 and they gamers get 2 radiation warnings before taking damage.

3)    Repeater check to not transmit the same message again now checks last 5 messages, required because increasing RF traffic in 3.4.

4)    Option for Battle Royale to shrink to nothing instead of melee RF range

5)    Battle Royale box circle descriptions on LCD made clearer.

6)    In Fantasy Genre, the term “Gold” is used instead of “Cash”. $ sign changed to “G”

7)    Gaming guns and suitable boxes now send scoring information to the scoreboard when a score change occurs, this way the scoreboard does not wait to the next ping circle. This is a significant improvement for the Scoreboard integration.  Gaming guns send scoring data when they die, make a hit or a kill.

8)    For Rush Box and Mission Box, the controlling team lights change to more team based and intuitive (3.4G)

9)    Battle Royale Box now sends a melee range immunity in addition to the “normal” range immunity in case players are too close to the box and within the minimum RF range serviced by the CC1101.

10)    Battle Royale radiation signals now sent twice (3.4O) to increase chance of gamers outside the circle taking damage.

11)    More consistent battle/team format used on box LCD’s

12)    Radio Repeater display shows last 2 messages re-transmitted.

13)    On Resume, fixed bug where melee weapons with automatic attack (not trigger pull required) did not resume automatic attack.

14)    Radio Test response now uses minimum RF power, so it is a better test at close range.

15)    Correct hit feedback when target is dying by burning.

16)    Gaming guns repeat basic radio packets only if they are on the same battle except for Find command.

17)    Fixed bug where radio repeaters did not process reset commands by radio (from SATRHub)

18)    In 3.4F fixed bug where some boxes were not counting the number of issues.

In summary, SATR3.4 has much improved integration with SATRWare, especially for getting scores in real time. Radio Repeater checks last 5 messages for duplicates before repeating instead of 1 which makes it more stable. Immunity Range for Battle Royale now has option of a totally closed circle. Fantasy terminology changed to Gold instead of cash. Rush box and mission box strip LED’s made more intuitive. Lots of new reset options added for Battlefield LIVE to make common games easier to setup. Radio Repeater functionality improved to improve reliability of flag returns being counted properly. Important – Radio Repeater on high ground with whip antenna is now an operational must in SATR 3 series.

SATR 3.3

Additional features include: 

  • Battle Royale Box
  • Self-Diagnostic Checking the key config.dat file is not corrupted on SD card.
  • The default RF power can be configured through uncommon menu, useful when combat is always close quarters to turn RF power down. Radio repeater used to boost money deposit signal into a vault. 

We always seek to improve and innovate. 

SATR 3.2

New additional features include: 

  • Treasure Box
  • Pick Pocket
  • Melee by radio option (great for monsters, don’t need special melee head sensor)
  • Loads of stability fixes.
  • Perk invulnerability time increased to 10 seconds

Information on our older generation software (still supported) see below:

Software Release: SATR 2.5 

SATR2.4c was launched in January 2016. The old SATR2.2f /SATR2.4c software used old class 4 SD cards for its sound effects. But only the 2 gig sized Class 4 ones worked. These smaller sized card are now very difficult to source. We have been working behind the scenes to re-write the 2nd generation software to work with the newer, readily-available Class 10 sd cards. The new version SATR2.5 will do the same as SATR2.4c. Please note that they will work on the new black motherboards rather than the old green colored ones.

Software Release: SATR 2.4c - Here's What You Get 

Or to find out about our previous generation of this patented technology, read on. 

Battlefield Sports finishes the year with another improvement in its SATR digital software, announcing the SATR 2.4c release

start via Radio screenThis latest software release offers:

  • change type of SD card - upgrade from class 2 to class 4 for faster processing / compatibility for latest production SD cards
  • change display to confirm buttons are working so when the gamer pulls the trigger is in the bottom right hand corner a T will show (T for Trigger) 
  • when you press the right button a M or mode will show (M for Mode)
  • when you press the left button a R or reload will display (R for Reload). 

On the simple master controller (in Locked Out mode) there is no longer a confirm on START and END (Radio) commands. So the display when it shows "SATR (Radio)" the operator now just needs to pull the trigger it issue the RF Commando. The confirmation step was removed because untrained renters got confused by the confirmation requirement.

Software Release: SATR 2.2f Here What's New

Battlefield Sports started the year with a bang by launching its new SATR 2.2f release.


Battlefield Sports announces a new software release for the Honey Badger. This new software version now enhances the live game play of the Honey Badger laser tag gun model, offering two unique features with the ability to change from sub sonic to super sonic mode and back again. Read all about it here.

new release software


Introducing the new soundscape "Arcade". Ideal for Family Entertainment Centers, Tourist Resorts and Summer Camp SATR2.2 has a new soundscape called 'Arcade'. Rather than the standard word cues for game play actions the new Arcade SFX offer a set of intuitive sonic elements just like sounds from a retro pinball parlor. Read the blog post, here.


Advanced Friendly Fire by Team takes the LIVE Gaming Scene in a new direction. With the launch of the new Friendly Fire Team Mode, teams can now battle over a Domination Box or other objective, with friendly fire on. Find our more, here.

AUTO FIRE RESPAWNpatented technology

In the SATR2.2f release have changed the way auto fire respawns work. In the previous version auto fire respawns could be better when running games on limited or counted respawns. We have now changed the rate of respawns to be slower and the result is they don’t count the other teams respawns by accident on the medic or combination box. Battlefield Operators love automatic respawns.


The Change Language bug is fixed. Now when you switch between languages it does not end up with the no language as it was occasionally possible in 2.0y.


SATR 2 - patented technology

Domination Box to set an independent game timer. This means that a timer can be set without needing a master controller. This has use for when you want a particular Domination Box to be decided before the game finishes or your running a battlefield without Battlefield Sports equipment such as paintball or Airsoft field and you still need a domination box with the push the button control feature. 

Great Feedback

Great product and after sales service. They've been really reliable and offer a lot of versatility. Great feedback on gaming guns for participants as they play.
Derek, South Australia

New Software Release: SATR 2.0 Here What's New

Hundreds and hundreds of gaming guns across the world have been upgraded to the new release SATR 2.

This is a major change to the system, but instantly familiar.

SATR 2 now comes with perks:

  • Weapon Box
  • Armor Box
  • Cure Box
  • Mystery Box
  • Domination Box

Business Success

Battlefield Sports is at the forefront of their industry. Having created a new sport of Battlefield LIVE, and their innovations, made them an obvious choice to appear on the show, "Business Success."
Andrew Vincent, Executive Producer Business Succes

Click here to read more about the new software release, SATR 2.

Check here to read more about the latest software release, SATR 2.0y. 

Re- Release SATR1.7

SATR1.65a was launched in April 2013. The old SATR1.6 /SATR1.65a software used old class 2 SD cards for its sound effects. These are now obsolete. We have been working behind the scenes to re-write the 2nd generation software to work with the newer, readily-available Class 10 sd cards. The new version SATR1.7 will do the same as SATR1.6. It will work on the new black motherboards rather than the old green colored ones. 

Previous Software Release: SATR 1.65A what's new

The previous release of SATR 1.65a offers new functionality and sound effects for Domination Boxes.

Great Zombie Games

We upgraded all of our laser tag guns and I had a team experiment with the Zombie mode. You guys did a great implementation. I think we can create some great games around this new functionality. We have been talking about games with the domination features as well. This upgrade is definitely worth the time!
John Pittman, TX, USA

DOMINATION: Fully integrated into the SATR system domination box mode, while any device can become a domination box as long as it has a sensor, LCD, hit light, board and switches we have a specific model which is a Domination Box. The Domination Box loaded with the new v1.65a software is ideal for making it clear who is in control. Now as well as the Light FX, there are also SFX. So when the blue team takes control the box will issue the order "Bravo Team in Control" and when the red team counter-attack the box with say "Alpha Team in Control".  (The "B" team is always Bravo.) This way the C.O. doesn't need to. These orders will be repeated every 15 seconds (or you can set the time intervals or off). 

The player that causes their team to start the domination clock again for their team hears a dong noise on their shooting gun - this is using our patented peer to peer hit feedback system for another cool purpose. Also on the game stats screen when the game ends if you have made at least 1 domination, you get a stat saying how many you got, its called O for objective.

Generally with domination use team settings on the gaming guns. Domination mode is compatible with all versions of SATR that support teams although to get the dong the shooting gaming gun will need v1.6 loaded too. If you shoot the box from a team A gun, it flashes red and with a B gun flashes blue (or green with old LEDs installed). Alternatively if your using friendly fire on gaming guns, then use the push to dominate option.

Games are easy, just set up two battle boxes as combination boxes with unlimited respawns and of course set them to the right team with the master controller. Set up a domination box in the center, normally in an area where you have to get in close to shoot but from my experience this is not required to make a great game. At the end of the game just check the flashing lights, which ever light is flashing is the winner! With the new 1.65a software version the Domination Box also announces the winner with SFX e.g. "Bravo Team is Victorious!"

This is my new favorite mission now for the first 2 games. For indoor I found the best way to play it is 5-10 minutes games with the difficulty level set to hard and 3 hit points - used this for the Microsoft TechEd event indoors and it worked great.


As a player and laser tag event organizer that constantly uses Battlefield Sports gear, SATR gen 1.6 already outperforms many traditional indoor laser tag systems, some of which are on their 13th version. Battlefield Sports SATR already offers players range and performance unmatched by most other laser tag systems.


I have fallen in love with Zombie games. The genre provides the flexibility one needs to really create interesting scenarios and there is also more options for dress ups and props. SATR now supports Zombie games with survivors automatically turning into Zombies, Zombies getting their own special attack (short range without muzzle flash, no red dot and potentially silent). There is a new mission available as well Zombies which I recommend as your starting point for developing Zombie games called Zombie Survival. There is two modes for Zombie games, Holocaust and Apocalypse.

Holocaust is the simpler option where basically when a survivor dies they respawn as a Zombie (changing from team A to team B, also changing hit points and changing style of attack).

With Apocalypse mode, as well as taking wounds from Zombies players are infected and the more wounds, generally faster the infection. When a survivor 1st dies, an automatic resurrection time commences (configurable), once this time has elapse, the survivor turns into Zombie without having to go to a medic box. A respawn from a A team medic box during the turning period will very temporarily stop the infection but will restore full hit points.

We will do some more features for Zombie games in future for sure especially to make them run on as few staff as possible.


This replaces hire mode as the terminology. Operators now use this extensively to preset all their equipment and not let the staff change any settings. Also good if your running a rental option for your business something that I encourage everyone to have a good look at if you can make the capital investment it has proven worthwhile.


The system allows you to have to red dot scope stay on all the time if you wish in hard or standard mode - its called Recoil on the system