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  • New Friendly Fire Revolutionizes Multiplayer Games

    Advanced Friendly Fire by Team takes the LIVE Gaming Scene in a new direction

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  • Arcade Soundscape Creates an Engaging Gamer Experience

    Introducing the new soundscape "Arcade"

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  • Incoming! BFS launches new SATR Software

    Incoming! Battlefield Sports announces a new software release for the Honey Badger

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  • Featured Weapon Emulation - Musket

    The Musket was a famous weapon, this emulation simulates an Elephant Gun

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  • Xperiences Makes an Impact at Novotel

    Xperiences Makes an Impact at Novotel Resort with Outdoor Laser Tag

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  • What Difficulty Setting Is Your Game Play

    In SATR2 choose your difficulty setting: easy, standard or hard.

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  • Laser Tag Feasibility Study

    Start Your Battlefield Business With A Laser Tag Feasibility Study

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  • Top 3 New Years Resolutions For Your Small Business

    Make a List! Here are the Top 3 New Year's Resolutions For Your Battlefield Business

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  • Eleventh BFS Annual Client Survey 2015

    The Annual Battlefield Sports Client Survey Results 2015

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  • High-end Ultra-realistic Laser Combat Arena

    Virtual Warfare’s Ben Dryer talked to InterFun about his laser tag offering.

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