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  • Featured Emulation Steyr AUG Rifle

    The Steyr AUG is the standard issue rifle for the Australian armed forces.

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  • New Year New Edition Of The Basic Games Handbook

    The sixth edition of BFL Basic Games Handbook is here.

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  • Featured Emulation Honey Badger

    The Honey Badger rifle was made famous by Call of Duty.

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  • Battlefield Sports Granted New Patent In The EU

    Battlefield Sports today announced it has been granted a new patent in Europe.

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  • Featured Emulation Kar 98K

    The Kar 98k was the standard German Army Bolt Action Rifle of WW2.

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  • Celebrating 20 Years of Online Business

    We've been doing business online for 20 years.

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  • New Web Site Launched

    A web site launched to help you find the services, products & resources for your Battlefield Business journey.

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  • Whats Your Business Story?

    Tell Your Business Story With This New Facebook App

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  • Every Venue & Every Operator Is Unique

    Every Venue & Every Operator Is Unique

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  • Lock and Load Annual 2016

    Download you copy of the Lock n Load Annual for 2016

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