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  • Featured Emulation M134 Mini Gun

    The M134 Mini Gun with its 500 rounds packs a serious punch

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  • An Amped Up Death Team Match

    Amp up the action with a new take on Team Death Match

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  • New Electronic Capture The Flag Game

    Battlefield Sports rolls out a new twist on the old favorite "Capture the Flag" game

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  • Savvy Operators Make the Launch of SATR3 a Success

    Savvy Battlefield Business Operators Make the Launch of SATR3 a Real Success

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  • Featured Emulation Colt 1851

    A well known pistol from the American Civil War is today's featured emulation: the Colt 1851

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  • Be a Part of the Excitement for the Launch of SATR3

    Enlist today to be a part of the excitement of the launch of a new live gaming engine: SATR3

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  • Featured Emulation FN Minimi M249

    This is a classic Light Machine Gun, this month's featured weapon emulation is the FN Minimi M249

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  • Battlefield Sports Introduces Web Chat Service For Customers

    Battlefield Sports launches new chat bot for customers.

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  • Challenge For Charity

    The TV crew from What's On Downunder Experienced The Battlefield LIVE

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  • Featured Emulation - PPS43

    A rarely used, but interesting, weapon emulation is the PPS43

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