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  • Your Marketing Plan for the Year

    Get your creative juices flowing consider a special event for each month for this year's Marketing Plan

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  • Social Media in 2018

    What is in store for us regarding Social Media in 2018? Social media has certainly changed the consumer landscape. Find out how is will effect Your Battlefield Business

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  • Annual Client Survey Results 2017

    Here are the results of the Annual Client Survey

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  • Battlefield Technology Takes Airsoft to the Next Level

    Battlefield Sports launch SATRAIR, a new Technology Taking Airsoft to the Next Level

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  • Featured Emulation: the Disruptor

    The featured emulation this month is the Disruptor, a famous sci-fi weapon

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  • Movie World Adds a Zombie Fest to Fright Nights

    Fright Nights fanatics will experience a new frenzied attraction for the 2017 Halloween season.

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  • New Edition of the Advanced Games Handbook

    A new edition of the Advanced Games Handbook is announced today

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  • Featured Emulation M134 Mini Gun

    The M134 Mini Gun with its 500 rounds packs a serious punch

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  • An Amped Up Death Team Match

    Amp up the action with a new take on Team Death Match

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  • New Electronic Capture The Flag Game

    Battlefield Sports rolls out a new twist on the old favorite "Capture the Flag" game

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