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Laser Tag and Bowling - A Case Study

Ten Pin Bowling Alley - Horsham

horsham bowling and laser tagThe SATR Technology is perfect for bowling alleys. Horsham Lanes & Games has 12 bowling lanes as well as indoor tennis and netball. This Family Entertainment Center also has video and arcade games, pool tables and a cafe and licensed bar.

Here's what Peter McC, the Bowling Alley manager said: "We are still getting plenty of return business for Laser Tag and are especially pleased how Battlefield LIVE has complimented the existing Ten Pin Bowling business. Rather than detract from the bowling numbers, it seems to have boosted them."

Then 1 year later

"Compared to ten pin bowling, laser tag is very cheap to buy and easy to run. The ROI is excellent. We have had a return on investment that well and truly exceeded our financial plan. I wonder if potential buyers would like to know that a certain country Victorian town of only about 14,000 people recovered their initial investment within the first 12 months? This would be an interesting point to make to 10 Pin Bowling venues who often take 10 years to cover their set up costs and several of them are looking to extend their entertainment options. Currently they seem to be looking at either Laser Tag or Go-carts [as an added attraction]. Laser Tag should win that argument hands down on costs, size of venue, even staffing levels, pollution and noise levels."
Peter Mc, Australia


100% Portable Arena: Re-use the Same Space

Battlefield Sports patented gaming inflatables are models of doors, walls, windows and more. The inflatables are flat, rather than balloon like. They come in a variety of skins: grey brick, red brick, stone, besser brick, desert brick, sandstone. A set of inflatable offers a way to reconfigure the maze quickly. 

Being able to re-use the same floor space for different sports or attractions is useful. For example a sports center can run fixtures on week nights. Then re-jig the floor space to create a "pop-up" laser tag maze on the weekends. 

Tactical Laser Tag With Realistic Tactics: Like a Live Video Game

A true test of a combat mil-sim game is how well authentic tactics work against unrealistic tactics. 

Achieving an accurate simulation in the most elegant and simple way is the “holy grail” of any good combat game trying to simulate a particular theme. 

In the case of Battlefield LIVE the game is mostly focused around modern close quarters infantry combat. In other words, it is tactical laser tag. 

Our experience has shown people professionally trained in room clearing techniques do well at Battlefield LIVE whereas they often perform poorly in traditional indoor Laser Tag arenas.

The two key reasons why Battlefield LIVE works better are:

  • The narrow beam means gamers really have to aim, not just shoot in the general direction of the opposing team
  • Gamers can be “killed” quickly and are forced back to their entry points before they can re-enter the Live-Play, so making genuine room clearing and base control possible.

The other complaint from gamers of traditional indoor Laser Tag is that it is just about impossible to get immersed in the story when wearing a brightly flashing vest. Battlefield LIVE is all about living out your Hollywood hero fantasies, so costuming is an important part of the Live-Play.

Traditional Laser Tag: Ready, Aim... Fun! 

If a FEC or sports center prefers a traditional laser tag approach then the Battlefield TAG theme is the way to go. The terrific thing about the SATR laser tag system is that it is flexible. Operators can switch between themes by simply re-configuring the equipment. 

While the sound effects and gameplay is family-friendly, this laser tag system does not need a vest. 

International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA)

supplier member of IAAPAAccording to the Iaapa, there are more than 770 laser tag locations in the USA and over 1,400 worldwide. Laser Tag is interactive, so it is no longer limited to stand-alone laser tag arenas, nowadays the laser tag attraction is a leading revenue generator at family entertainment centers, bowling alleys, amusement parks, go cart tracks and mobile attractions. The research shows that the average return on investment for a Laser Tag attraction is between 12 and 18 months.  Battlefield Sports is a supplier member of the AALARA, sister association to IAAPA.