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Patented Digital Laser Tag System 

Laser Tag System From Battlefield Sports 


Patented Digital Laser Tag System Is Cutting-Edge Technology 

Battlefield Sports' laser tag system works well with small groups like 3 versus 3 or scale and go grande for really big laser tag battles! The laser tag system hosts up to 7 teams up to 2,047 players. More, you can play in up to 8 separate battle groups without cross-fire. Player experience amped up with in-game perks, like "crack shot".

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Laser Tag guns are built tough, play indoors or outdoors, thousands of sound effects including the patented real-time hit-feedback.


Easy to use and portable Master Controller for game set up and control. 

A powerful NiHm battery offers gameplay for up to 16 hours, so your players can play as long as they like. (The compact Blaster model uses a Li-ion battery.) 

Lazer Tag System

The new SATRWARE software system enables Battlefield Operators to run the game management from a tablet or laptop using the SATR-Hub app. Likewise, the laser tag system has real-time scoring and scoreboard with the SATR-Score app. 

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