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Tactical Laser Tag Inflatables - Perfect for Mobile Laser Tag

inflatable door If you are running mobile laser tag events then you can set up an "instant" maze inflatable. Ok, so not quite instant. It does take a minute or two to inflatable each shape. So depending on the number of inflatables you need, the longer it will take to prepare the gaming area.

A good rule of thumb is, if you have 10 gamers playing at once then you will need 10 inflatable shapes.

The new line of inflatables include:
  • brickwindow inflatables
  • tombstone
  • high walls
  • doors
  • windows
  • low walls.

Raving Fans

WOW! We opened our business with our first soccer tournament this weekend. We were the hit of the show. Everyone who played was a raving fan. The equipment is awesome and many said 'we were the highlight of the tournament'. Thanks to you, for all your hard work and partnership to get us going. Thanks again.
Patrick, United Kingdom

Mobile Laser Tag Inflatables 

.If you are planning to run a mobile laser tag business with a family-friend theme like Battlefield TAG then the medium brick inflatable is for you. 

It's rectangular shape is versatile and easy to use. 

The brick is 1.83m or 6ft high.

medium brick inflatable