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Realistic Laser Tag Guns for Indoor or Outdoor Games

gamer with a realistic laser tag gunLaser Tag guns are props used to play laser tag games.

Although laser tag guns may be inspired by a real world weapon they are not firearms. They are simply gaming guns. We have a variety of models, some are realistic looking laser tag guns and some are more family friendly. 

There are no projectiles, rather the only thing laser tag guns emit is light. Or more specifically infrared light. They also feature a hyper-bright light from the muzzle flash. However you can configure the laser tag gun to not use the muzzle flash. 

SFX & LFX Of Laser Tag Weapons

The laser tag guns do have cool light effects (LFX).

The Battlefield Sports' laser tag guns work just like an oversized TV remote. But these laser tag guns are actually digital laser tag guns, and they also have RF real-time feedback. This is the basis of our patented technology.

These laser tag guns also have great sound effects (SFX).

Gamers can either shoot others, i.e. aim for other laser tag guns sensors or shoot targets, such as a domination box. When you tag an opponent the laser tag gun makes a sound effect so you know you've got them.

The most popular realistic Laser Tag Gun models are the Honey Badger and the P90. Becoming more popular is the new Blaster/SATR AIR model. The SATR AIR model is designed to attach to an airsoft rifle for utmost realism. 

Customer Activity Has Nearly Doubled

We have been going to regular community festivals and fairs and gotten our name out there. We have a very high degree of confidence that we will expand next year. We have been forced to move into a larger play field, and purchase additional vehicles and laser tag guns just to keep up with demand. In fact, customer activity has nearly doubled. It is almost entirely repeat business. We also primarily work for the local chambers of commerce, local government, and schools multiple times each year handling their events and fundraisers. We are still primarily a mobile laser tag service - we do community events, fairs, and festivals.
David, Wilmington, NC USA

How do the Laser Tag Guns Work?

The hardware and software in the patented SATR system determines what types of games a Battlefield Sports center can play. Up to four different groups of players each with an A team and a B team called Battle Groups can play near-by without cross-fire. But most centers just run one group (with two teams) at a time.

Quite often everyone on a team uses the same Laser Tag Gun model has the same settings, though this is not necessary. The laser tag gun setting options are:

Available settings Options Most popular game settings
Game type More than 100 Scenario games are listed in the "Comprehensive Games Handbook" Domination
Game time (minutes) 1 to 120 auto-timed. Or set to unlimited - some battlefields have run 12 or 24 hour scenario events 15
Number of lives (Hit Points) 1 to 99 or unlimited 5HP outdoors (standard difficulty) / 3HP indoors (hard  mode)
Number of shots Each magazine capacity is set depending on which weapon the Gaming Gun is set to emulate or unlimited Using the P90 emulation gamers get 50 per magazine with 4 reloads, total of 5 magazines (250 ammo on each re-spawn)
Downtime (seconds) time between when a player is tagged & when they can shoot again hard = 1/2 second
standard = 1 second
easy = 2 seconds

standard = outdoors

hard = indoors 

Head sensors  Senors placed on headband on the head (center of the forehead /center of the back of the head) or placed on a separate vest


One team placing their headbands over a head wrap/bandanna i.e. no brim. And the other team using jungle hats i.e. with a full brim over the headband.

Barrel sensor On. Prevents blind firing. On
Friendly fire on/off off
SATR's patented feature: Voice Feedback on/off on (you can also set the volume)
Battle Box set as Medic Bases Medic boxes set to teams or re-spawn anyone. Press a button to respawn or use Spawn-Bot to auto respawn. Medic Boxes set to teams and place one in each team's base. Auto respawn.
Domination Box Use one, two or three Domination Boxes. Shoot to control the box or press the button to control. One Domination Box placed in the middle of the battlefield. Shoot to control the box.
Mystery Box and other in-game Perks Mystery Box - random upgrade (or downgrade) of weapon emulation within gun class or completely random. Mystery Box - random upgrade/downgrade within the gun class.

Weapons Easy To Use

Battlefield Sports offers good and solid equipment. I like the ease of the use of the weapons, and the easy replacement of parts. Keep up the good work.
Hans, the Netherlands

Tactical Laser Tag Guns

Unlike paintball, gamers using realistic laser tag guns do not have to pay for extra ammo. So the number of shots per game can be quite large. In a popular 15 minute domination game players can routinely fire 1,000 or 2,000 rounds, depending if the number of times a player re-spawns during the battle.

Because this game is basically a game of strategy with gamers ducking and weaving, most players' achieve an accuracy rate of around 7%.

Downtime is the time after a player is tagged that they remain deactivated, before they can start shooting again. When a player has been shot, say 5 times (the operator can set the number of HP), their laser tag gun is de-activated and they need to return to their team's base press the button on the Medic Box to get a re-spawn.

Realistic Laser Tag

Battlefield LIVE is a great company for realistic laser tag. It puts all other laser tag companies to shame with the paintball feel & video game appeal. The products are reliable & the customer service is very good.
Stacy, VA United States