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How To Benefit Your Summer Camp Operation

Benefit Your Summer Camp With Laser Tag Games

How To Boost Enrolments To Your Summer Camp By Adding Laser Tag Games

Grow your summer camp business and boost your enrolments by adding laser tag!  

There's lots of hype around the summer camp business.

And, why not?

There are lot of options and a lot of competition.

You NEED the best technology. It is your competitive advantage.

Here are some of our best resources for expanding your summer camp business. 

laser tag games at summer camps

Every Child Wins A Prize

Our brand of equipment has proven popular for many Summer Camps because it is flexible, the kids can play either indoors or outdoors. More, you can subtly adjust a team's laser tag gun settings using the Master Controller. (And the players never know!) Some may not agree with the "every child wins a prize" philosophy but it is a great way to build a laser tag brand. Read more,  click here.

Summer Camps Beam Up Enrolments with New Fun & Games

It has been known that summer camps can sell out when the kids know that laser tag is on the program. Whether your vacation program is a day program or a residential program many a camp director has told us that the enrolment figures zoom up when laser tag is on the program. See how a couple of camp directors had to say, click here

Church Groups Take the Higher Ground

It can be somewhat challenging to engage the kids and teens for Churches and Ministries. Today's savvy congregations are innovating with new programs for the youth. Read how several ministries have done it, click here

Laser Tag Team Togetherness

Laser tag is an adventure-based training program that provides a practical approach to team building. A shared experience, where the team has overcame a challenge together, achieved their mission objectives together. Those teams are more productive.

This is applicable for workplaces and summer camp prorgrams. Find out more, click here.

team work

Combating Teen & Tween Obesity

The marriage of physical exercise and video gaming -- is becoming a hot new niche, and the most bullish aficionados say it might even help reduce the nation's obesity epidemic. Problem: Kids are getting fatter and fatter. Our kids, your kids, everyone's kids. Read more about the solution, click here.  

Using Laser Tag to Level Up Sports Center Sales

Since Battlefield Sports’ laser tag equipment is 100% portable so facility managers can reuse the same space for twice the benefit. This re-application of the same floor space is particularly beneficial for Sports Centers. No matter if you center is an indoor sports center, an outdoor sports center or a combination, you can benefit from addling laser tag. Find out how.

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