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The Laser Tag Industry Report

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Yes! I would like claim my free Laser Tag Industry Report & find out about... how LIVE gaming and digital tech can boost my sales. Discover the latest trends, insights, and innovations in the Laser Tag industry. Live Gaming is a business with a high-tech edge. If you are a theme park or attractions operator, if you would like to start your own laser tag business, or if you are looking for an add-on to your activity center, or even a new attraction for your summer camp or portable ride company, then this is for you!

laser tag industry report 2019

HB14 is a beautiful design

The Honey Badger is a beautiful new design. Good balance, on the “bullets” position. Good idea. I think the HB14 is very much closer to the look and feel of a real gun. Congratulations guys, a nice job.
Carlos M, Chile

Must-Have 4 LaserTag Business

This afternoon I was in Cleveland to run a laser tag game in a huge basement garage! It was a first public trial for Mystery Boxes. IMHO, it was an absolute blast! I’ve been using two Mystery boxes, and all 15 players were really happy to upgrade their guns to, say, monstrous machine gun with 200 bullets… Awesome feature, absolute MUST-HAVE for laser tag business.
Alex, GC

Claim your free copy of the Laser Tag Industry Report by completing the form [above]. New and updated for 2019. 

This report shows you how live games can be played either indoors or outdoors, in a mobile attraction or a fixed battlefield venue.

Experience is the new fun.  

Complete with awesome sound effects the new technology enables gamers to play either indoors or outdoors.

Battlefield Sports™ laser tag equipment is 100% portable, tough, weather-resistant.

Easily Select your Entertainment Theme

We offer 12 themes:

  • Battlefield LIVE (milsim)
  • Battlefield TAG (laser tag)
  • Battlefield UNDEAD (zombies!) 
  • Battlefield Fantasy
  • and more.

If you are going to a family friendly experience then we would recommend Cobras and Scorpions with 'laser tag' sound effects.

Or if you prefer a hard-core theme then we recommend the HB14, Spitfire Uzis and P90s with 'Battlefield LIVE' sound effects.

If you plan a haunted attraction then go for the "zombie" melee units. 

This system is so flexible you can select the different sound effects and weapon emulations on boot-up. Or simply set & forget! 

Either way, Battlefield Sports offers you the latest in digital technology so your customers can play team-oriented games in a variety of different locations such as haunted houses, warehouses or on purpose built battlefields or arenas.

Further with Battlefield Sports™’ equipment the game can be completely mobile, so you can bring the entertainment right to your customer