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Are you struggling with bookings? Would you like loads of kids eager to attend your summer camp or book their party with your entertainment business? 

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laser tag industry report 2020

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For more than 10 years my team and I have sold to hundreds of businesses across 35 US States and exported to more than 50 countries. 

Our patented laser tag technology is thrilling kids and teens across the nation and across the world. And through this experience, I've discovered the latest out-of-home entertainment trends in the live gaming industry in this new edition of the "Laser Tag Industry Report". This ain't your grandpa's laser tag. 

Laser Tag, if done right, can be one of the most profitable entertainment attractions. 

Live Gaming is a business with a high-tech edge. If you are a theme parksummer camp operator or adventure park manager, or kids party business owner then you will want to get a copy of the Report, quick. 

This report shows you how live games can be played either indoors or outdoors, in a mobile attraction or a fixed battlefield venue.

HB14 is a beautiful design

The Honey Badger is a beautiful new design. Good balance, on the “bullets” position. Good idea. I think the HB14 is very much closer to the look and feel of a real gun. Congratulations guys, a nice job.
Carlos M, Chile

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Must-Have 4 Laser Tag Business

This afternoon I was in Cleveland to run a laser tag game in a huge basement garage! It was a first public trial for Mystery Boxes. IMHO, it was an absolute blast! I’ve been using two Mystery boxes, and all 15 players were really happy to upgrade their guns to, say, monstrous machine gun with 200 bullets… Awesome feature, absolute MUST-HAVE for laser tag business.
Alex, GC

10 Insights On Starting In The Laser Tag Industry

Claim your copy of the 2020 Laser Tag Industry Report and get these 10 fresh insights: 

  1. An introduction to the industry
  2. Discover what exactly is LIVE Gaming?
  3. The Rise & Rise of Gaming 
  4. What they won't tell you: "Interaction not Automation" 
  5. How to be Prepared for FAST growth
  6. Resources at Work for YOU and your business
  7. Ok What really is this "SATR System" 
  8. Battlefield Sports Today 
  9. What Battlefield Sports can do for YOU
  10. Business Perks that benefit YOU.

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